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Explaining Business Process Automation

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We.ve spoken at length in recent posts about the benefits of business process automation (BPA) for your business and how you can introduce BPA into your business without causing issues.

However, we also understand that there are many, particularly those who run more traditional businesses, who may not have even heard of the concept.

In this article, we’ll unravel the mysteries of Business Process Automation (BPA) for those who haven’t heard of it before so that you’ll have a better understanding of why it’s something that your business may benefit from.

What is it?

Let’s start with the most pertinent question – what is BPA?

The technical definition is that BPA is a workflow approach that a business can use to apply a level of systemisation to its general business processes. BPA uses modern technology to allow a business to automate many tasks. In doing so, it also helps you to better organise the time of your people.

When implemented correctly, it allows for greater efficiency within your business.

It sounds complicated, so let’s simplify it a little.

BPA is a lot more than the record and data management systems that many businesses currently have in place. It’s essentially an advanced set of automated processes that allow you to deliver better services to your clients.

For example, let’s imagine that your business attracts customers through canvassing. Your canvassers collect customer details, they get sent to the office, and then somebody enters them into your system. After that, you have to keep track of the status of that customer and manually react to any changes with that lead.

BPA can automate a lot of those processes. Your canvassers still collect the details. But then your BPA system can handle the data entry portion. Better yet, when programmed correctly, it can do it without being susceptible to human errors. An advanced system can also track the lead’s progress for you and may be able to do things like arrange phone calls or send out automated emails on your behalf.

Simply put, it takes a lot of the legwork out of working with clients. This frees up your people to work on other tasks. For example, your sales force can spend more time interacting with customers and less time dealing with the paperwork that’s attached to them.

That’s just one example of how BPA can work for your business. There are plenty of others. You can use BPA to automate all sorts of processes, such as checks on your technical systems. Anything that’s a manual and fairly repetitive process can receive an efficiency boost from a BPA system.

How do You Implement it?

That’s where you’re likely to need a team that can support you in the implementation. Although BPA will drive up efficiency in your organisation, implementing it isn’t as simple as installing a new piece of software.

You’ll have to ensure that your BPA system is configured so that it can work alongside your current systems. Furthermore, you have to define the processes you want BPA to work on before it can analyse and optimise them for you.

Or to put it another way, BPA first automates your processes and then improves on them.

But to do that, you need help. That’s where the Imobisoft team comes in. We understand the complexities surrounding BPA implementation and can help you to introduce it to your business without causing issues.

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