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Five Tips for Developing a Successful Mobile App Game

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Primarily, the Imobisoft blog covers mobile app development as it relates to business, but we’re going to take a slightly different tack with this post.

Today, we’re going to look at mobile games. If you get them right, mobile games can rake in thousands of pounds through downloads, advertising, and in-app purchases. Of course, you need to offer a good game before you can reap those benefits, so here are five tips for building great mobile games.

  1. Keep it Simple

Gamers don’t look to their mobile devices to take them on massive, story-driven adventures. They don’t want complex game mechanics that take an age to learn, and real skill to implement.

Instead, they want something that they can pick up and play for a few minutes while they’re waiting for a bus, or if they have a spare few minutes at work.As a result, all great mobile games are simple. It should take all of a minute to work out the controls, which usually involve basic swiping and tapping.

  1. Build a Tutorial

Regardless of the simplicity of your game, users still need a tutorial to show them the ropes and cover the basics. Drop somebody into the middle of a game with no explanations and they’ll just uninstall the app and find a game that offers a better user experience.

Build the tutorial into the first few levels, using it to introduce the basic game. It’s likely that the game introduces new features as the player progresses, so make sure to explain them as they become relevant. Don’t try to explain every feature right off the bat though. Just give the player enough to get through the section they’re playing.

  1. Keep Updating

Most mobile games last so long because they don’t have defined end points. Think of the arcade games of old. They just keep going, introducing new levels and features over time.

Don’t drop the app onto the store and leave it. Take constant note of player feedback, add new levels, and develop new challenges to keep people guessing. New features keep players playing, which means they’re seeing more ads and buying my in-app items.

  1. Bright and Colourful

Even the biggest mobile devices are much smaller than your TV, so design your games with the limited screen in mind. Bold, bright colours work much better than the dingy, realistic browns you see in most AAA home console titles.

You want your game to catch the eye of anybody who sees it, instantly engaging them and drawing them into the playing experience. If it looks dull, people won’t play it.

  1. Test It Well

Gamers are an impatient bunch, and will quickly rubbish a game that contains a lot of bugs. Whenever you launch a new feature, test it on every device possible.

Again, anything that breaks the game or makes it less fun to play leads to players migrating to other games. Fewer players means fewer ad views and purchases, plus you’ll end up with bad ratings that prevent others from downloading.

So those are our practical tips for creating great mobile games. If you have a great idea, contact the team at Imobisoft to bring it to life.

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