GSK Pharmacy Portal

Client : GSK
Technology Used : .NET CORE , SQL Server, Angular

GSK’s B2B customers such as Tesco, Lloyds Pharmacy & Boots receive rebates on volume-related order metrics. Customers were logging into an outdated system which lacked basic functionality and lacked integration into GSK’s tech stack, meaning utility and therefore engagement was low.

The GSK brand team and senior leadership saw an opportunity to create and scale a bespoke software system that would address bottlenecks in the process whilst enhancing their customer engagement.

Why we were engaged?

They recognised that creating a cloud based platform with integrations into the GSK tech stack was key to access real-time, accurate, sales information to both clients and management, yet moreover – the centralisation of data. Early on it became clear a key business outcome was to enable software automation so the transformation of internal and client processes was realised.

At the same time, user experience was suboptimal with low levels of engagement from clients. Functionality meant value add from using the platform was debatable. We also needed to map, challenge and streamline to progress the current service delivered whilst updating the front-end to reflect the growing expectations from digital products, even in a B2B environment.

Our heritage in delivering healthcare applications meant we were a natural partner to replace an existing customer-facing web portal and we were assigned as a partner for the end-to-end build.


GSK Pharmacy Portal Landing Page


What we did:

  • Working with the commissioning team we designed a new User Interface (UI) to allow the customer to understand the product mix required to maximise their rebates and therefore increase total sales
  • Collaborated closely with the GSK IS team to build bespoke API’s to their stringent requirements so that we could directly link to the correct database
  • Enabled customers to log into the account and see via a dashboard whether quotas for rebates had been achieved
  • Enabled account managers and SLT to have a holistic oversight of performance
  • Through a cloud-based portal, we have created a centre point for all operational data to be collated, enabling automated data processing, otherwise known as Machine Learning



Analysing sales performance with Machine Learning:

  • With the system being at the heart of GSK’s B2B operations, with full integration into the supply chain, sales CRM and customer portals – this created a central point for data to be collected and for machine learning processes to feed insight.
  • Enablement of account managers to predictive ordering patterns from customers, enabling account management to be proactive in their relationship management
  • Using data modelling to deliver real-time insight into the performance of the sales team; looking at key elements such as individual product success, sales strategy and team performance
  • This translates into greater visibility of individual training needs, customer behaviours around key trading periods and greater business forecasting.

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