E Energy

The challenge:

E (Gas and Electric) is a utilities company whose field sales force sells gas and electricity to consumers door to door. Due to operating in the Utilities sector, E-energy’s field sales team had strict regulatory challenges to overcome when validating contracts with a new customer. This meant a manual phone call and upload of information after each interaction, delivering a disjointed customer experience.

Our solution:

A simple to use bespoke software application assisted the field sales engineers in the successful onboarding of a customer. It was crucial for us to re-think the entire journey of how reps captured the information needed to validate contracts and how this was submitted for regulatory approval to head office.

This was bough to life via a mobile application that fed into a back end dashboard in the head office, automatically verifying customers – turning a lengthy manual process into one that could happen in seconds.

The bespoke application is used by E’s sales advisors to sign up customers through an iPad App and all the data is sent to the backend system in real time.

The benefits:

  • allows authentication by head office and regional offices, removing blockers
  • Contracts are sent from iPad to backend in real time.
  • There are multiple user groups with varied access to the system.
  • All the data is re-authenticated by validators
  • It is a business CRITICAL system with a 99.99% uptime requirement.
  • 300+ sales advisors signing up customers at any given time.
  • 15000+ contracts signed each day.
  • Sales reps saw significantly reduced verification times.
  • Much higher conversion rate due to lower number of dropouts in the sign up journey.
  • Board also recognised that a modern onboard process communicated that e-energy were a modern supplier.
  • Energised work force with reduced administration duties.

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