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The Company
YcPay is a pioneering mobile transactions company who are looking to take advantage of the ever-growing. They are one of very few companies in the market that create the possibility for customers to conduct mobile transactions through a mobile phone, without the need for a bank account. They needed the help of a similarly ambitious company who could help them realise the potential of this burgeoning market and create a software that allowed them to take full advantage of it.

The Challenge
YCPay were looking into implementing an easy to use and flexible mobile transactions package that enables for easier purchase of mobile goods and services without the need for a bank account. Costs are deducted from the user’s mobile phone credit instead and they are billed through this accordingly. The challenge presented a number of problems, principally;

  • Creating a user friendly system that was quick and easy to use.
  • Providing full functionality to allow for micro-transactions to take place.
  • Creation of an attractive website to advertise the services.

The Solution
The problem faced by Imobisoft in the development of such a pioneering and innovative technology was the resistance to change that many customers may have experienced when the idea of a mobile transaction method that didn’t involve bank accounts. Many would be wary of such a simple micro-transaction system, especially as they weren’t to be asked to fill out reams of forms to complete their purchases.
To remedy this problem, Imobisoft created a software that was extremely simple to use and, through the deduction of the purchase from mobile phone credit, instantly traceable. The customer using the software needs simply to follow two steps to complete their transaction, a process that literally takes all of 30 seconds. Making the software as simple as possible encourages the user to give it a try, buoyed by the reassurances that the transaction will be instantly billed to their mobile phones, where they can see instantly that the transaction was a success.
The customer simply follows these steps;

  • Enter mobile phone number into the system.
  • Receive text from YCPay with a transaction code.
  • Enter the code into the system to complete the purchase

The simplicity of the developed system belies the complexity of the software behind it, making it the perfect blend of functionality and user-friendliness that the company were looking for.
Additionally the software platform can be licensed from YCPay by any group looking to implement a similar system, putting them at the forefront of the mobile transaction market, as well as providing a further revenue stream.
This case is a perfect example of the quality of software development in Birmingham that Imobisoft can provide. We combine an expert knowledge of integrated web solutions with an ever-expanding array of mobile software that marks us out as one of the most innovative and adaptable software development companies around.
We are at the forefront of the mobile software and applications market, specifically making us one of a select few to offer mobile transaction software of the nature described here.

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