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Why IBM Watson Chatbots Can Help You to Grow Your Business

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Some still view chatbots as some antiquated technology that can’t keep up with the demands of the modern internet user. In their early incarnations, chatbots learned based on what users said to and asked them. The idea behind such automated communications, driven by AI, was seen as a fad by many.

But the landscape has changed. As ever, evolving technology has now made the chatbot an essential business asset. Simply put, they’ve matured into a technology that businesses should take seriously.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the chatbots of old have disappeared. These simple examples of the technology still exist and they’re likely the reason that many business owners don’t take chatbots seriously.

In this article, we’re going to examine the differences between these old, unrefined chatbots and the new, AI-driven chatbots that use IBM’s Watson system.

What the Technology Allows You to Do

An AI that constantly learns can provide enormous benefits for your business. In the case of the IBM Watson chatbot, you can:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Provide agile customer service without the need for physical representatives
  • Answer questions from users and employees

That last part is why many have chosen to employ this new generation of chatbots. There are so many, for lack of a better term, menial questions that customer services teams answer on a daily basis.

A properly implemented chatbot can answer these questions for customers, while providing the illusion that the customer is having a conversation with a real person.

The trick comes in designing these conversations so that the illusion doesn’t get shattered by errant AI and strange answers. That’s where old chatbots fell down. With IBM Watson technology, you have more tools at your disposal to do that than ever before. But that’s not all that the technology has to offer.

More Data to Drive Your Business

We’ve all heard about Big Data by now and many companies include methods of analysing and interpreting the data they receive as part of their overall strategies.

Your chatbot can be a source of more refined data that helps you to pinpoint your customers’ pain points quickly.

IBM Watson technology logs and learns from every conversation that it has with your users. The data that it uses to do this can help you to improve your business processes. With the technology, you can learn about the things that your customers ask about the most, and may even discover what they need from future products.

When thought of in this manner, IBM Watson chatbots aren’t just a method of communicating with people. They’re also a way for you to collect the data that you need to evolve your business along with the needs of the market.

The Final Word

In truth, the use of the word “chatbot” doesn’t really justify what IBM Watson technology is capable of. It still conjures up images of the early, less mature versions of the technology.

Instead, IBM Watson is a conversational AI technology. It learns constantly, from you, your business, and your customers. The technology uses the simple power of conversation to help you develop strategies and enhance your offering to customers. In that context, it’s vital for any customer-facing business, particularly those that are expanding.

Imobisoft can help you to leverage the strength and power of IBM Watson conversational AI technology. Contact us today to discuss your options with a representative.

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