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What to Look For When Searching For A Hosting Provider

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In addition to the enterprise software and mobile app development services offered by the team at Imobisoft, we also develop websites and web-based applications to suit your needs. Of course, any web software is going to need quality hosting behind it to ensure uptime is maximised and the software or website operates as expected at all times. To ensure you make the right choice, here are some of the things you should look for in a hosting provider, all of which are offered at Imobisoft.


Even the best hosting solutions have the potential to go wrong, so you need to make sure a solid support structure is in place to help you find a solution as quickly as possible. Good hosting providers are communicative and will usually already have noticed the issue and started work on it before you even report it. Ideally, the host should be able to provide a timeframe for the fix and will communicate with you throughout the process to keep you updated on progress. This support should also extend to helping you with other web services, such as getting a new website online or transferring to other hosts, if need be.


With Big Data now such a large part of modern business, you will need to find a provider that is capable of handling all of your storage needs. Many modern providers use cloud computing to meet the demands of their clients, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately discount those who do. The most important thing is to understand your own storage requirements and whether or not you will need to be able to scale those requirements up before you start looking for a hosting provider.


Now the price of web hosting is something of a sticking point. Businesses obviously need to consider their budgets, however, going to the cheapest supplier around often means you won’t get the quality of service required to keep your web solution up and running. The best tactic here is to consider what you need from a hosting provider and how much you are willing to pay for the service. Also remember that a low hosting price may also come with hidden fees, such as renewals or charges attached to support services. Consider the price/value scale before making any choices.


No, we aren’t talking vehicles here. What we mean is the ability to “park” other domains as part of the hosting package. This is particularly useful for larger businesses that may operate multiple domains. Having access to all of these domains in one area and having the ability to use or redirect them as needed is often essential to ensuring a business does not miss out on web traffic.


In the case of disaster, you need to be sure that your hosting provider has a strong backup policy in place so your services are back online as quickly as possible. Ideally, you want a provider that offers automatic backups on a daily basis, just in case you make mistakes while working, and is also able to get your data back to you in cases of disaster on their end.

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