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Using Technology to Improve Outcomes for Patients With Chronic Illnesses

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If you know anyone that suffers from chronic illnesses of any sort then you already know just how much of an obstruction it can be in your day to day life. From the regular hospital appointments through to the clunky ways you have to monitor your current situation, any chronic medical patient will know that many of the current tools at both their and their health professional’s disposal are not adequate for the job.

Thankfully, this is where new technology can come into play. We all know about mobile apps, even if it is just through playing a game downloaded from the app store, but they can also be used to the advantage of both patients and their doctors. A good mobile app brings with it as host of advantages that can improve the condition, outcomes and overall lifestyle of patients. That is exactly what our chronic bowel application aims to bring to patients who suffer from such conditions.

Fewer Hospital Visits

One of the biggest irritancies of having a chronic condition is that you are required to visit the hospital on a periodic basis. Whether this is monthly, weekly or some other time period, every time it happens you need to take time off work and away from your life just to get a check-up that often simply reaffirms that you are on the right course.

Using our app you can update your doctor on a regular basis, letting them know exactly where you stand in terms of your current condition and the medication that you are using. This data can then be used by your doctor to determine the course of action and communicate it to you, meaning you need only take time out of your day to come to the hospital if the visit is needed to change your treatment plan.

More Information For Doctors

The more information that a doctor has about their patient, the better they are able to provide treatment to them. In the current system, a doctor may not see their chronic bowel patient for months at a time, meaning they have little idea about how their condition has progressed until they see them in person.

Our application creates a communication portal between doctor and patient, collecting data that the patient inputs that the doctor can then use to better monitor their patient’s condition. This means the app can be used to spot issues long before they may otherwise have been spotted.

It’s Easy To Use

A lot of people who may be unfamiliar with mobile apps could be wary about learning how to use the chronic bowel app to properly track their condition.

This is why the application is made to be as user-friendly as possible. Every option available to you is clearly labelled and you will find that you can do most things with just a simple tap or swipe of your smartphone’s screen. It is extremely intuitive and it won’t be long before you are using it to track your condition like a pro, making the whole process more efficient as you do.

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