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Useful Strategies for Maximizing Mobile App ROI

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The mobile app marketplace is no longer the new frontier for business development. Today, there are literally millions of apps saturating the market, which means businesses need to absolutely maximize the return on investment (ROI) that they receive for each user their apps manage to engage.

Unfortunately, that is better said than done, which leads to many companies taking the approach of throwing whatever strategies they can think of at the wall in the hope that one of them will stick. Instead of that, consider these mobile strategies that will help you re-engage and maximize your ROI from your current app users.

Target Your Advertising

There’s an old adage that goes something along the lines of you will make 80% of your money from 20% of your customers. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of targeting your advertising towards the people who are most likely to convert by purchasing a service or product. Using the data gleaned from your app, identify your target markets and segment your audience so that you can target adverts to those who consistently re-engage with your app. In essence, you should focus your upselling and cross-marketing efforts towards the most active users, without wasting your advertising money sending ads to users who are very unlikely to engage in the product.

Focus on Quality

Coming back to the idea of throwing every idea you have at the wall to see what sticks, many advertisers make the mistake of thinking that they will achieve conversions by absolutely bombarding app users with notifications and ads. While this will certainly get the attention of the user, it will often also turn that person away from the business, especially if your practices are deemed to be spammy. Remember that you also face competition for consumer attention from other companies, so focusing on quality means your ads and notifications will stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of keeping a user engaged.

Focus on ROI First

When working with a partner in your efforts to market effectively, your first question should always be “What will I receive from these efforts?” In short, you need to establish your prospective ROI for the campaign before you even consider engaging in it. Remember that the price attached to any campaign will vary based on the type of campaign and the particulars of your efforts. Your goal is to ensure the ROI provides enough value to justify the price you will pay.

Dynamic Creatives and Deep Linking

Leveraging technological advances before your competitors can give you a distinct edge. In recent times, the concepts of dynamic creatives and deep linking within mobile apps are both coming to the fore. Dynamic creatives are essentially advertisements created using the first-party data you receive from the app. Customized messages based on previous user behaviours can reinforce your app’s usefulness and keep users engaged. Deep linking is all about the user experience. It is the practice of embedding links, be it to specific web pages or product pages, within the app so the user can instantly access more information about something they deem interesting without having to trawl through your mobile website to find the information. Leveraging both maintains the app’s relevance.

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