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Top Tips for Android Mobile App Development

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When you decide to develop a mobile app, you have to choose between platforms. Some look to release their apps on all platforms, however, this costs more money. For companies with less of a budget, your choice usually falls between iOS and Android.

Each platform offers different development environments and has plenty of things to concern yourself with before you get cracking. If you choose Android, these are the top tips for developing a successful app.

Check the Trends

Trends extend beyond what’s selling on Google Play at this moment in time. That’s important information, but you need to look deeper.

Test out some of the top apps to see what they’re doing. Remember that the most-used apps set the development trends for you to follow. Users develop certain expectations when they use these apps, and they expect your app to live up to them. Figure out the current Android development trends to ensure your app doesn’t fall behind.

Engage with the Development Community

As part of checking trends, make yourself a part of the Android mobile app development community. This is a great way to learn about potential work, as well as to connect with like-minded professionals.

Furthermore, the community can help you to understand troubling issues. If there’s something about the development that’s holding you back, engage in forums and social media groups with fellow developers to figure out what you can do about it.

Be a Self-Critic

What do you expect from an app when you download it from Google Play? This is an important question, as the answers inform your development processes. Figure out what you want from an app and then be completely honest about the app that you’re developing.

Does it measure up to your own expectations? If it doesn’t, how can you expect users to download and use the app?

Mobile app developers sometimes lose sight of their goals during the development process. Maintain a self-critical stance to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Simply put, if something doesn’t feel right, change it.

Understand the Android Model

There are more Android users than iOS users. However, the users for one market react differently to apps than the other.

As a general rule, Android users expect to pay less, or nothing at all, for their apps. Consider making at least part of the app available for free, while providing upgrade options or mobile purchases for those users who do want to supplement the experience.

If you check the statistics, you’ll notice that mobile games are generally the top earners in the Google Play store. They often adopt the freemium model, relying on the app itself to encourage users to spend money.

Build for Scalability

Agile development is all the rage in the modern development environment for a reason. You’re building your app for success over time, and Agile allows you to scale things up as time goes on.

Consider releasing your app with the key features in place, with the aim being to add new features as you gather user feedback and earn revenue. If your app has a ceiling, you can’t scale it past that point.

Do you need help with mobile app development for Android platforms? Contact the Imobisoft team today to get started.

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