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Top Five SEO Mistakes

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The SEO industry is constantly evolving, which means that hat may have worked yesterday isn’t guaranteed to work tomorrow. As such, there are many different pitfalls that the unwary webmaster may fall into if they are not fully aware of the risks of their actions.

In the SEO world these mistakes can often be the difference between successfully improving your search engine results or being shunted down the list. With that in mind, here are five common mistakes that many people make when trying to conduct SEO on their website.

5. Poor Keyword Research

In the simplest possible terms – if you aren’t targeting the right keywords then you SEO efforts are for naught. For some people this means targeting only the terms with the highest amount of potential traffic, but even that can be a mistake in many circumstances.

The key is to evaluate your own situation and the services that they offer. Do they compete on a national scale? Or are you a local business?

National companies should target high-traffic keywords, especially if their site is good enough to compete with their rivals. However, there is no point in a local company trying to target everyone when they only offer their services to a specific area. Figure out your customer base and then target your campaign accordingly.

4. Using Flash

It wasn’t so long ago that Flash-based websites were all of the rage in web design. It is easy to see why, as they offered a graphical presentation that went beyond what other website technology was able to provide at the time.

There was just one problem – Google doesn’t like Flash. So much so that the content you have on the site will likely not even get picked up the the search engine’s spiders.

If you have a Flash website you need to change it now, to bring it more in-line with current website methodology.

3. Poor Linking

It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every backlink is a good backlink, which means that many people end up creating poor links to their website.

Search engines want to see links from authoritative websites pointing to you. That way they know that you, in turn, are a trusted authority on your subject and will provide accurate information to any visitors that it sends your way.

Building links using online directories, forums or anything else of a similar nature is not only bad for the site but may even lead to a manual penalty.

2. Poor Content

There is an old saying that goes ‘content is king’. In the past many people took this to simply mean that they must put as much content as possible on their website, without thinking about the quality of the content itself.

With the emergence of Panda this is no longer the case. Having good quality content is much more important than having a ton of words on the site that are simply there to build up the word count rather than offer anything of any use to your visitors.

1. No Long-Term Plan

SEO is not something that you can do in a day and then expect to reap benefits for the lifetime of the site. It is an on-going, constantly evolving process. Your aim is to keep your site up-to-date and within Google guidelines while providing the most useful information possible to your visitors.

Simply updating your title tags and meta information once isn’t enough. You need to construct a full plan that takes in content creation, edits that need to be made and how you will make use of social signals amongst many other things.

SEO is not easy and it isn’t something that you can do by halves. It needs to be a fully integrated part of your marketing plan if you are to experience any chance of success.

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