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Tips for Speeding Up Mobile App Development

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You need to factor several issues into your mobile app development. The obvious ones are quality and budget. However, most projects also have deadlines, which means your developers need to achieve high levels of development speed.

There are several ways you can help the process along to ensure your mobile app development is completed before your deadline. Here are a few of them.

Use Wireframes

The planning stages of the app set the stage for the rest of the development process. If you don’t give them the proper time you will run into issues later on that can cause severe delays.

One of your key focuses should be the user interface. You need to lay out the basic design of the app from the off. In particular, you need to figure out how each section of the app links to the others, thus creating a flow that users will follow.

One of the best ways to do this is to use wireframes. Drawing your app pages out onto paper works, though many developers prefer to create basic prototypes of their apps to ensure they handle every aspect of user flow.

Minimum Viable Product

The idea behind minimum viable product (MVP) is to get your mobile app released in a bare bones state. You need to offer what the consumer expects, but the app itself has the most basic functionalities that you have planned for it.

MVP works well with the Agile development methodology. It allows you to get your product out there quickly and then make updates as and when you complete them.

It is crucial for those looking to make a splash in a competitive market or take advantage of an emerging market. You get your app released quickly and build a customer base. However, the concept falls flat without ongoing support.

Hybrid Development

You have several choices available to you when developing mobile apps across multiple platforms. You can develop native apps for each platform or go the hybrid route.

Hybrid development involves creating a single app that works across all platforms. It cuts down on the time taken to build the app but prevents you from accessing many of each platforms unique features.

It is best used when creating internal business apps or as a stopgap to give you more time to develop apps specific to each platform.

Employ the Agile Methodology

We mentioned Agile a little earlier. It is a form of development that splits the work into “sprints”, rather than breaking it down into specific categories as in the case of the Waterfall method.

Agile focuses on making the maximum use of your time. Instead of having your design and testing teams sat around twiddling their thumbs while the developers get to work, you can organize your sprints so that everybody in the team is working on something.

This results in greater collaboration between team members. Problems get solved quickly and the app itself tends to undergo a short development time. However, it is crucial that “sprints” are properly planned. As with any development project, poor planning results in delays.

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