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Tips for Leveraging Modern Technology in Mobile Marketing

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Creating a quality mobile app is just the first step in attracting new consumers to your business. Without a strong mobile marketing plan, you may well find that even the best apps can’t be leveraged to the benefit of your company.

However, given that mobile apps have become practically ubiquitous, you need to be able to make yours stand out from the crowd by utilizing modern technology to show consumers that your app can serve their needs. To help with that, the team at Imobisoft has highlighted some useful tips for bolstering your mobile marketing strategy.

Data is Your Friend

Big Data is no longer an abstract concept. It is the reality of modern business and you need to leverage it in every way possible to stay ahead. Mobile businesses must use the data they receive to identify their target markets and work out how they can tweak their marketing efforts in order to keep their users engaged. Constant analysis of the data you receive, from the app and elsewhere in the business, helps you make the constant, minor adjustments that are needed to ensure your app serves the needs of its users.

Re-engaging Users

Over time, the people who download your app may disengage from it, particularly if they feel the app no longer offers them anything of benefit. Your task is to re-engage those former users in any way you can. Many companies use push notification, which can highlight offers or new features, in an effort to regain the user’s attention. However, such tactics can be seen as spammy if they advertise app features that bear no relevance to what the user needs. Again, this is where data comes into play. Modern mobile apps allow businesses to track the previous usage trends of lapsed users, meaning notifications can be targeted to the specific interests and desires of the consumer, thus heightening the chances of re-engaging that user.

Location, Location, Location

In recent years, the use of geo-targeting and Beacon technology has allowed businesses to use their apps to appeal to users on the local level. For example, major retailers can use such technology to notify a user of an offer in a specific store when the user is in proximity to the store in question. Enabling your app to engage based on the location of the user creates a more personalized experience, making the app more useful to the user in the process.

Suggesting Content

Linked to the previous point, the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) allows for further personalization of the notifications and offers users receive from an app. By learning from the user’s previous interactions with the app, such as purchases and the items they look at, an app can now offer further recommendations for products or services that the user may find useful. You can already see technology like this in action on e-commerce sites, such as eBay or Amazon, which will regular offer suggested items to the user based on what they are looking at now and their purchase histories. As time goes on, similar technology is going to become a fundamental feature of the modern mobile application marketing strategy.

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