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The Virtual Clinic App and EIT Health UK-Ireland

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I have some exciting news to bring to you regarding our innovative Virtual Clinic app. We are using the opportunity to show the potential of this powerful Virtual Clinic to those at EIT Health Uk-Ireland! Here we can show off the amazing possibilities this app can have for patients. Especially those with long-term or life-long conditions that need long-term management and observation.

So what’s happening with the Virtual Clinic app?

We have been selected, along with 23 other candidates to show off our Virtual clinic application to panels of judges to see who can do some real good in the health industry and which 7 participants deserve the funding to move forward in production and into even real world application!

Imobisoft will be visiting IBM’s Technology campus in Dublin, Ireland to pitch them our new app and the reasons why it would be worthy of their funding. We only have a short window to pitch them our idea but I sure you can agree the concept speaks for itself and it won’t be hard to sell them on what advancements in patient care this could provide.

What does it mean?

This is a real step forward for us as it can finally allow us to demonstrate how it can help patients, doctors and nurses in a number of daily tasks but also can provide easier access and a more thorough standard assessment to make sure patients and physicians miss nothing out.

You hear a lot of the news lately how patients have had bad experiences when receiving health care, or checks had been ignored or forgotten about, and with the mounting pressure on clinicians its no surprise, however with our app how amazing would it be if you could simply report your progress on an app to the doctors, and bring up any issues you have with them right then and there.

How does it help?

The Doctor or clinician would open up your daily report on the virtual clinic and see where you are on the scales. This will show them if they need to take any actions or discuss with you any changes or concerns they have. It will also allow them to look at your condition as a whole and see your progression.

It will also allow clinicians to relay information or guidance back to the patients about changes or information about their conditions to help educate or improve their lives and how there affected, all through the Virtual Clinic.

Planning ahead

So we passed the first round of judges. Now it’s onto the second. We’re putting together a pitch to really knock their socks off in the hopes of getting funding for the project. Hopefully leading to the implementation of this application in Birmingham’s children hospital and beyond.

I will update you on the outcome of the pitch as soon as I know.

Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed!

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