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The Common Misconceptions Surrounding Mobile App Development

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The continued growth of the mobile app industry is perhaps the most important thing to come out of the smartphone boom. It allows businesses and service providers to offer information and services to users, no matter where they are.

However, there are still a lot of misconceptions floating around mobile app development. Here we aim to dispel a few of those misguided notions.

Building The App Is The Only Step

Getting a great mobile app developed is only the first step of the process. While functionality and usability are crucial to the app’s success, you also need to do something to make it stand out from the crowd and get people to take notice. There are thousands of apps out there that work superbly but have never taken off because they didn’t have sound marketing strategies behind them. You should not allow yours to become one of them.

It’s A Simple Process

Despite the number of tools available to developers, it is a fallacy to claim that creating a great app is a simple process. In the end, it really comes down to how complex the app will be. Games, for example, require graphic designers and the use of many tools to get them working. Apps that need to connect to a lot of external databases and work across multiple devices also present issues that need to be overcome.

They Can Replace Mobile Websites

The best mobile apps can complement and enhance the services that your company provides, but they should not be considered replacements for mobile websites. Apps generally won’t offer all of the information that a website will contain. You have to account for users who may be aware of your company, but not of the apps. This means it is crucial for your website to be built using responsive design techniques.  Accessibility on mobile devices is crucial to those who don’t have your app or don’t want to download it. Furthermore, a mobile-ready website will perform well in search rankings, which is something an app can’t offer to you.

They’re Only For Large Businesses

The cost of mobile app development can seem prohibitive to smaller businesses. However, this should not be taken as a reason to ignore the idea altogether. If you do, your business may miss out on a marketing platform that is expanding by the month. Evan small businesses should look towards methods that can use to stay ahead of the completion.

Paid Apps Are The Way To Go

Unless your brand is massively trusted by your user base, the paid app route is generally not a wise one. With so many apps available for free, you will really need to work hard to convince people to pay for yours. Instead of going this route, consider other methods of monetizing the app. In-app purchases and advertisements are popular choices, as is the continuously growing field of m-commerce.

The Final Word

Hopefully, you have a stronger understanding of the mobile app development process and how to maintain it. We imagine that many of these misconceptions will evaporate, now that more businesses understand what really goes into mobile app development.


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