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The Changing Face of Enterprise Software Development

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There have been a number of changing trends in enterprise software development over the last five years. Whereas before it was traditionally focused on the creation of clean code that used proven platforms to create software to help businesses with their operations, today the rise of apps, which are built predominantly on a web-based infrastructure, has changed the game.

Now developers have more options available to them and stronger frameworks to work with when creating enterprise software solutions. Businesses also experience this increased flexibility, with apps also offering more in terms of convenience, fluidity and user understanding.

Taking The Risk

Many argue that this shift in enterprise software development has allowed smaller businesses the opportunity to take advantage of changes that big companies are less willing to take. In many cases, large corporate entities are often hesitant to try new things, which can lead to them being slow to adopt technology that could actually make their companies more efficient.

Start-ups and smaller businesses, on the other hand, are less risk-averse and more willing to invest in this new era of enterprise software development. Apps, when executed correctly, can offer them footholds in markets that are traditionally dominated by larger companies, not least because they allow smaller companies to fulfil their customers’ needs while cutting down on the size of their initial investments.

The key is that the software development process needs to focus more on agility and changing with the times. The Netflix model is an excellent one to follow here, as this is a company that offered something its much larger competitors failed to offer, while also adapting to changing audience behaviours and requirements over time. This led to the fall of the traditional “video” store, as can be seen with the decline of Blockbuster, which was a much larger company that was more averse to taking the risk.


Alongside these developments have come a plethora of Analytics tools that help businesses understand more about what their software actually offers to both them and their customers.

Proper selection and implementation of such Analytic tools is vital. With so many available, it can be easier to become bogged down with tools that don’t actually provide useful data. This results in an odd conflict where the software is more efficient than ever before, while the data it provides is harder to sift through.

This means that enterprise software development has needed to become smarter, particularly in terms of creating apps and software that recognizes the context of the data produced. Selecting the right Analytics tools for the job is crucial.

Further Evolution

With all of that being said, there is certainly room for further evolution in enterprise software development.

When working on apps, developers are slightly limited by the tools they use, which tend to form the building blocks that make up the app.

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