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The Benefits of Having a Bespoke CRM System

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In the modern environment, every customer-facing business needs to have CRM system in place to help them keep track of inquiries, customer details, and sales efforts. Many companies decide to use off-the-shelf packages for their customer relationship management (CRM) needs, which will often do the job for those that don’t have specific requirements. In fact, the team at Imobisoft is capable of helping you integrate many of these packages into your existing systems.

But what happens if the available packages don’t offer what you are looking for in a CRM? That’s when you need to start considering the bespoke option. Having a custom-made CRM lends a range of advantages to your business.

Your Requirements

We already touched on it in the opening but it is worth expanding on just how important it is to have a CRM that meets your requirements, rather than one that your business has to adjust to.

A bespoke option allows you to detail exactly what you want the system to be able to do in order to make your business processes more efficient and ensure you provide the level of service your customers expect. Perhaps you want your data displayed in a certain way or the system needs to draw from a bespoke database. Maybe the CRM needs to be able to handle automatic calling for your telemarketing department. Whatever the case may be, working with a bespoke CRM developer will allow you to have the CRM that works best for you, rather than a CRM that meets a few of your requirements.

No Customization

Oddly, a benefit of having a bespoke CRM means that customization is avoided. What we mean by this is that many companies that use off-the-shelf packages will need to call in consultants to make various changes to the package to ensure it works with their data sets.

This process of customizing an existing platform is often a costly exercise, plus you may still find yourself being hampered by restrictions that have been built into the platform. In the worst-case scenario, you may end up discovering an issue that prevents you from using an off-the-shelf platform entirely while in the process of customizing it, resulting in a lot of money getting poured down the drain. You can avoid all of these hassles by purchasing a bespoke CRM that is built around your business right off the bat.


All CRMS are capable of scaling, but in many cases, you are going to face pretty rigid costs to get an off-the-shelf CRM up to the standard needed to suit expanding business needs. These costs will often weight upon your business, resulting in the supposedly cheaper offering costing you a lot more money in the long run.

However, a bespoke system can be built with future business growth in mind. You can choose to implement features that you may not need immediately but will become useful to you as the business grows and you need to implement new processes. Alternatively, you can choose to have your CRM developer make additions and alterations to the CRM at any point.

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