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The Advantages of a Mobile App

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Compared to as little as a decade ago, the mobile world is so much larger and more wide-reaching than it has ever been at any other point in history. In this age the vast majority of people own a smartphone, with many of them using said device to connect to the internet and to download mobile apps.

As such, there are many advantages that are inherent with a mobile app. Here we take a look at just a few of them.

They Boost Interest

There are many ways that you can increase awareness of your brand, but not all of them actively engage your customers and encourage them to get involved in the same way as a mobile app does.

While many companies simply settle for an app that advertises their services and allows them to sell via the app, many others use the technology to have a little fun and make games or other software that their customers will enjoy.

The key is that the app keeps the customer engaged and using it, which opens them up to any advertisements that you place in the app, in addition to them associating your brand with something that they enjoy.

Easy To Use

The best mobile apps are developed with every single customer in mind. This means that they are simple to download, install and use.

Mobile app design, by its nature, is intended to be as simple as possible. After all, there is no point in trying to cram every little bit of information you have onto a smartphone screen. Instead, the app should be navigable via simple touches and swipes.

This has its advantages in that it means practically anybody can figure out how to use a well-designed mobile app. If anyone can use it, then that is more people your company can appeal to.

Net Not Always Needed

The big disadvantage to simply having an internet presence is that a person who cannot connect to the internet, for whatever reason, will simply not be able to access the information that you provide.

Of course, a connection will be needed to download any mobile apps that you provide, but afterwards you have the ability to ensure the customer can access the information in the app without having to be online.

This offers you an advantage over the competition in situations where the customer is sat around, unable to get on the web and searching for something to do.

Enormous Reach

Today there are approximately 500 million iPhones floating around. Even more impressively, there have been 1.6 BILLION Android-based phones sold since the operating system came into being. That is an absolutely enormous potential market of customers that you can appeal to with a mobile app.

With the right app and the right promotion, you may well be able to get a sizable chunk of that audience interested in your company and product. Consider this – since its release in 2009, WhatsApp has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people.

That’s the potential of the market and there are many more examples of apps reaching millions, tens of millions and even more than a billion people.

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