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Specialist App Development 101 – The Basic Processes

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At some point in your career, you may find yourself in a position where you need to locate a mobile app that will allow you to improve your business in some way. Perhaps you want to streamline important internal processes, or you want to be able to offer customers more ways to access your services when they are on the go.

Regardless of the purpose, you are going to be left with the choice of going for an existing app or having a bespoke one built from scratch. There are many advantages to the latter, which we have covered elsewhere, but you may not understand the full process of getting the app created. This could put a few people off, which prevents them from getting the solutions that are right for them. That’s why we have boiled every step down to the basics to give you a good idea of what you will experience when getting a specialist app developed.

Define The App

Before you can move forward with the project and start looking for specialist app developers, you need to define what you want the software to achieve. This is essentially going to be a “wish list” of every single feature that you would like the app to have. Now keep in mind that not all of these will be possible, but you’ll cover that with your developer. Still, this brainstorming session should define the purpose of the app and how it will benefit your business, providing a foundation to build from.

Finding A Developer

There are a lot of app developers out there and you need to find the one that is right for you. Spend some time doing your research and look into the developer’s previous projects. This will give you an idea of their versatility and talents. Do not hire somebody without meeting them first, as you will need a good working relationship to get your project completed.

Design Prototyping

With a specialist app developer chosen and the specifics of the app nailed down, you can move onto prototyping. Work with your developer to create a storyboard for the functions of the app, so you can get the flow correct. From there, your prototype will make the storyboard digital and give you an idea of how the app will operate when completed.


With a working prototype in hand, you can check for any issues that you may not have spotted earlier. With all of that ironed out, it’s time to start the actual development. This is where all the major coding happens, such as connecting the app to online databases, making sure purchases can be conducted through it or whatever else you need your specialist app to do.


Too many companies underestimate the importance of app maintenance. Once the app is completed and ready for launch, you need to put some sort of plan in place to make sure it is updated regularly for new devices and operating system updates. The best specialists app developers will be able to handle this for you so such updates don’t cause bugs and technical glitches.

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