The quality of testing procedures ensures you don’t experience unforeseen challenges with your software in the future. Imobisoft has a team dedicated to ensuring your software runs as it should across all platforms.

Our Team

The Imobisoft team has evolved alongside the software we develop and the tools that we use. This means we have seen the challenges that they can present and know how to resolve them. Our dedicated quality assurance team has your satisfaction in mind and is capable of finding any issues.

Comprehensive Testing

We create enterprise software solutions and web applications that need to be accessible on multiple devices, in addition to working cross-platform and on any web browser. We complete numerous iterations of the project cycle to ensure the software we produce experiences smooth performance, no bugs and works across mobile and traditional devices.

Auditing and Consulting

Imobisoft’s vast experience across multiple platforms also means that we can offer consulting and software auditing services that help you highlight issues in your existing software so they can be remedied. Don’t allow your business processes to be held up by poor software.

What We Test

We take a five-pronged approach to testing that covers every aspect of the software we produce.

  1. Functionality – Does it work as it is supposed to on all fronts?
  2. Performance – How does the software perform when pushed to the limits and does this provide what the business needs?
  3. Compatibility – Will the software work on all devices and browsers, where needed?
  4. Security – Does the software have any security flaws that might be exploited?
  5. Usability – Does the software make the user experience as simple as possible by providing an intuitive interface?

Once these questions have all been answered, your software is ready to go.

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