While we are primarily an enterprise software and mobile application developer, Imobisoft is also able to offer consulting services that will help you make the most out of the software you have and implement the improvements you need to bring your business processes up to speed.

Our consulting services cover four categories:

  1. Software scoping
  2. Software evolution
  3. Market acceleration strategies
  4. Project recovery services

Software Scoping

Many company’s struggle to understand the full scope of their projects, leading to underestimations that stretch budgets and consume more time.

At Imobisoft, we are able to help you analyse your needs and define the goals of your software projects, thus defining their scope. We will help you prioritize tasks and develop project blueprints that can be followed all the way to successful implementation of the software.

Our team will work with you to understand why you need new software and how it will affect your business. We will help you take everything into account, from development through to staff training and software installation so all of your bases are covered.

Software Evolution

As the needs of your customers and business evolves, so to must the software that you use. Since the year 2000, software has evolved constantly from basic websites and clunky enterprise solutions to the point where businesses can now offer in-depth and complex mobile applications that offer much more than even the most comprehensive software could provide at the beginning of the millennium.

Imobisoft can help you meet the demands of an ever-evolving world by offering a consultancy service that helps you identify areas of your business that are lagging behind. Our team is always evolving alongside the tools that we use, allowing us to help you keep pace with competitors.

Market Acceleration Strategy

Having a piece of software developed is only half of the battle. If nobody knows about it, even the best applications can fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, many businesses do not understand how to get their new software out there, especially those that are new to the technological sphere.

That’s where Imobisoft comes in. We offer a consultancy service that will help you plan every stage of your marketing acceleration strategy, helping you get your software out there faster than you ever thought possible.

There is are a number of specific routes that can be taken to make sure software gets to the people who need it and we offer a bespoke consulting service that will help you pick the one that is right for you. Your marketing plan will take everything from mitigating risk through to identifying the best marketing channels to give your software the best start and ensure its success is sustained in the long run.

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