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Right-shoring – Understanding How It Works And Applying It

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Right-shoring is becoming increasingly popular in the business world as companies search for ways to make their processes more cost-effective, while still providing a high-quality local service to their clients. As such, right-shoring is essentially a combination of both on and offshore working. It allows companies to handle certain processes, such as meeting with clients, planning work and discussing issues, in a local area, whereas other tasks are entrusted to employees working offshore with the intention being to reduce costs and offer a better price for quality work to the consumer.

To do this effectively, a business needs to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both their on and off-shore teams, assigning tasks appropriately in order to accentuate the positives. For companies that offer software development, this often means having a project manager onshore who is able to liaise with the client and plan out all of the work that needs to be done, with much of the nuts and bolts work being sent to offshore workers who the onshore project manager oversees.

The process carries a number of advantages that make it desirable to both businesses and their clients.


Maintaining full teams in some localities can be extremely costly, depending on where a company is based. For example, it is more expensive to maintain a team of software developers in the United States than it is to maintain a team with the same level of expertise in India.

Through proper management and understanding of the processes involved in completing a project, right-shoring allows for the most cost-effective way to reach a client’s end goals. This, in turn, means that savings can be passed onto the client and they get a product that is of a high quality while also spending a little less money.

Direct Contact

Many businesses are wary of working with companies that are based entirely offshore. Regardless of the skill level of the company, a lot of business owners prefer to have somebody local who they can meet with on a regular basis and is able to provide them with project updates and reports without having to factor differing time zones and the like into the equation.

As such, right-shoring offers a ‘best of both worlds’ solution in that companies get the benefits of both working with a local company and working with an offshore company. As long as the project is managed correctly, right-shoring allows for quicker completion times at a lower cost.

Making The Most Of Skills

As a business, you restrict yourself in many ways if you only search for skilled individuals in your local area when hiring. In some cases, it can be exceptionally difficult to find somebody who carries the right skillset to complete the jobs that you will give them.

This is where right-shoring can offer major advantages to companies working in skill-intensive sectors, such as software development. It broadens the scope for finding people who have the skills needed to complete projects quickly and with the level of expertise that the business requires to provide a proper service to clients.

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