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Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Using PaaS

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If you are new to the world of cloud computing and the various services it enables, you may have started coming across a few acronyms that don’t make all that much sense at first. One of the most common in the modern business environment is PaaS, which stands for Platform as a Service.

PaaS offers developers a platform on which to create new software and applications that can be used to the benefit of your clients. The key difference between PaaS and traditional development platforms is that PaaS is offered via the cloud, which offers various benefits to the developer.

Less Infrastructure Required

In developing an application, a developer needs access to the relevant infrastructure, be this software related to the development process or hardware that is capable of running the software and allowing the developer to run tests.

PaaS eliminates the need to purchase this additional infrastructure, allowing developers to jump right onto a pre-created platform using the cloud. Not only does this reduce business costs related to software development, but it also allows developers to work on their projects from anywhere in the world. This increased agility ensures updates can be made to software quickly and that bugs are hashed out as and when they occur, which again saves money that would have disappeared due to lost service.

Multiple Licenses

Despite offering savings in relation to infrastructure, PaaS isn’t free. Your business will need to pay to leverage the benefits of a PaaS platform. However, you also receive flexibility in regards to how you pay.

PaaS offers platform providers the ability to charge subscription fees or to bill platform users based on usage. As such, if you don’t anticipate your company using the PaaS platform beyond a certain date, you can essentially enter a “pay as you go” contract with the platform provider that ends once you stop using the platform. Additionally, you still have the option of a more permanent solution via the subscription model.

Increased Business Focus

The lack of need to purchase internal infrastructure offers another benefit to business as the time of creative minds within a company no longer needs to be spent on the maintenance of that systems that allow them to do their work.

Without the need to expend resources on platform maintenance, businesses can focus their capital elsewhere, thus providing more direct benefits to the company. Better yet, the people who would previously have spent their time maintaining systems can instead apply their expertise to other projects.


With PaaS, a business does not need to purchase infrastructure with an eye towards the future. What we mean by this is that a PaaS platform will generally be scalable to the needs of a business. Only need a small portion of the platform? Well, that’s all you need to pay for.

However, if your needs increase – say if you development team grows – you can instantly scale up using PaaS to ensure your platforms align with the positioning of the business. Further, the increased elasticity of a PaaS system allows it to retain its efficiency, regardless of load.

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