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The Client
Platinum Executive Travel are a luxury car hire company who provide chauffeur driven vehicles, specifically Rolls Royce Phantoms but also including a range of other vehicles, for use in a number of events. They focus specifically on corporate events and weddings and have been in business for around 4 years. They are based in the Birmingham area but their team of expert chauffeurs provide services throughout the entire UK.
The Challenge
When Platinum Executive Travel approached Imobisoft they had zero web presence. As such they were not using the internet to its full potential and garnering the sales that the company desired. The challenge presented to Imobisoft was twofold. Firstly, develop an engaging an aesthetically pleasing website that would fully advertise the company’s services to interested parties.
Secondly the company wished to make use of Imobisoft’s specialised SEO in Birmingham services to ensure that people looking for a luxury vehicle hire, and specifically looking to hire a Rolls Royce Phantom, would be able to find their website on Google quickly and easily for a number of keywords.
The Solution
When approaching this problem, Imobisoft first had to develop a suitable website. The client agreed to a have a text heavy website to fully explain and demonstrate the various services they offer. In addition Imobisoft ensured that the website itself was easy to navigate and provided a number of functions that allowed users to get in touch with the company to make use of their services.
Once the website was live and the client was happy with it, Imobisoft then turned its attention to SEO in Birmingham initially and then onto more specific keywords. We initially conducted research to determine which keywords would be best to target for the company before moving onto conducting full SEO for the website.
We used a variety of techniques, including full optimisation of page text to include keywords, various link building strategies and title and meta data creation to ensure that long term gains were made in the keywords agreed on Google.
Currently the website www.platinumet.co.uk ranks on page one of Google for the following keywords;

  • Rolls Royce Hire
  • Wedding Phantom Hire
  • Wedding Car Hire Birmingham
  • Phantom Hire
  • White Phantom Hire

In the three years that Imobisoft have been working with Platinum Executive Travel, the company has become a multi-million pound business, with a full fleet of Phantoms to their name, having initially started with just one. At this moment in time Platinum ET estimate that between 60-70% of their business currently comes through their website, conclusively proving the effectiveness of a good SEO strategy.

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