Wasel Gifts Mobile App

Wasel Gifts Mobile App

Here, at Imobisoft, we enjoy creating apps that can improve your life and benefit society through innovation. Wasel Gift aims to be an alternative gift systems that helps both users (saves them money by eliminating shipping costs and bank transfers fees and also allows people to get the gift they want) and businesses as they can easily reach their markets.

Having this scope in mind, we wanted to create an user-friendly and easy to navigate app that combines engaging design with state of the art technology. The result was a safe & secure platform that allows users to send credits to their loved ones everywhere around the world. This credit can then be redeemed in a variety of stores and shops.

With Wasel Gifts it is never too late to send your friends or family the perfect gift, instantly!

The app is easy to use too – users can login with Facebook or create an account, they can buy credits that can be transferred to any individual, everywhere, with a phone or email!


Technology used: Phyton, Mysql, Objective C and Java

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