The Meter Reading App – Case Study

The Meter Reading App – Case Study

At the beginning of March, we were asked by The Water Retail Company (TWRC) to design, develop, and launch an iOS and Android Application featuring a web-based admin panel. Key challenges included confronting complex design issues while meeting an ambitious timescale that required delivery of the project by April 1st. This gave the Imobisoft team a single month to work out the intricacies of the project, complete development, and undertake the required testing to ensure it was fit for deployment.

We knew that, in order to deliver the best solution within the agreed timeline, we had to focus on understanding our client’s requirements, setting up clear deliverables and milestones, and ensuring full cooperation between our team and the client. Employing the Agile methodology, Imobisoft built an effective workflow between everyone involved in the project.

The team’s “can do” attitude, mixed with hard work and its commitment to the cause, allowed us to reach all of our shared goals and deliver on our promise: on April 1st, the App was live on Android and iOS stores and the admin panel was up and running.

Via this user-friendly app, users can submit their own meter readings and both verify and update their readings using optical meter reading (OCR) technology. They can also use the app to provide feedback and report on issues like leakage, pollution, water quality, etc. In return, TWRC can better monitor client feedback, the types of issues reported, and the total number of users via a detailed reporting system.

Technology used: JAVA/ XML, HTML5/CSS/JS, Phyton and REST

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