Legacy Software Modernisation

The longer your systems are based on legacy software, the further behind you fall when compared to those that have modernised to take advantage of the increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness offered by new solutions. Stay at the head of the pack through legacy software modernisation that ensures you gain access to these benefits without interrupting your business processes.

Analysis and Identification

Our team will work with you to analyse your current systems and consider the technologies that will help you modernise without causing extensive changes to business processes. During this process, we will identify any issues with the modernisation and provide solutions that will ensure they are overcome in a time-effective manner.


With the plan in place, the Imobisoft team will work on the development and implementation of new systems that will boost productivity and enhance business processes. Bringing together experience from all areas of development, our team will create modern, scalable solutions for your business.

Migration and Integration

As the modernisation is completed, your existing data will be migrated over to the new systems and selected staff will receive additional training. Through the use of dark launches and ramp-ups, we will integrate the modernised system into your business environment, ensuring minimal downtime and helping you take advantage of the benefits that new systems have to offer.

If your business is thinking about moving to a new system or implementing new hardware, data migration should be a key concern. The team at Imobisoft will help you seamlessly transfer all of your data to your new systems, whether they have been developed by us or through another party. Keep your business running during this important process through the use of a time-critical data migration service.

Quality Data

Poor-quality data can damage a business, especially in this era of big data, customer analytics, and enterprise software. The Imobisoft team ensures your data is preserved and fully migrated, allowing you to draw from and build upon your existing data pool when you move over to new systems.

Limit Interruptions

The data migration process can lead to business process interruption, particularly in cases where large amounts of data need to be migrated. Through the use of quality tools, our team ensures these interruptions are kept to a minimum and all of your data gets to where it needs to go as quickly as possible.

A Full Solution

Many issues can arise during a data migration, from incompatible software through to the need for data cleansing. The Imobisoft team can work with you to help you identify all of these issues and develop a plan that allows you to overcome them. We can manage the entire lifecycle, from the planning stages through to migration and aftercare.

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