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Old SEO Tactics That Are Now Outdated – Part Two

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In the second part of our two part guide about old SEO tactics that have the potential to cause issues today we will be looking at a few more things that you should avoid doing if you want to avoid landing yourself in Google’s bad books. Instead of just talking about it, let’s get right to the list

Locational Pages

Now this is something of a contentious one, as you are perfectly fine to create pages detailing your services in various locations as long as those services differ from location to location. What we are talking about here is the tendency to create pages for every town in county, all of which have the exact same content on them apart from the name of the town.

This causes issues as the pages are basically offering nothing of value to the user. What you have is duplicated content, which is something that Google frowns upon in the first instance, combined with a tactic that is clearly just used in an effort to get your site ranking for each of the locations you use. Making use of this tactic could see you fall foul of the Panda algorithm update and, in the worst case scenarios, may even net you a manual penalty. Talking about content…

Guest Blogging

Again, guest blogging is OK in some circumstances. If you have something of real value to add to a website and you aren’t simply creating the post in an effort to get a link back to your own site, then guest blogging is perfectly fine. This is especially the case if you are an authority in the field you’re writing about, as the content you produce may encourage others to find out a little bit more about you.

It becomes an issue when you attempt to simply churn out basic content that contains a link back to you. What you must always consider is whether or not the content is actually something that people want to read. Put it like this, if you wouldn’t host the piece on your own site why should you benefit from placing it somewhere else?

While the odd guest post here and there is fine, abusing it to the point where you have hundreds of rewrites of the same content across many different blogs, all pointing back to you, could net you a penalty.

Forum Links

Placing a link in your forum signature used to be a quick and easy way to link back to your site while engaging with people operating in the same sphere as you. Unfortunately, signatures and the like have been abused to such an extent that Google now looks at them with some suspicion.

If you have something to say on a forum, simply say it. Those who found what you had to say to be of some value will make the effort to find you. Some may even begin to see you as an authority and link to your site themselves. This is great, because these are natural links along the lines of what you want to be getting. However, anything that you have to place yourself should always be considered an unnatural link, and too much of that could land you in hot water.

So there you have it. A few more SEO tactics that could cause your website trouble if used today. We will be revisiting the subject fairly soon to look at a few more.

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