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When we think of accessing the web via our mobile phones, the first thoughts that come to mind are ones of convenience. After all, your phone offers you the opportunity to peruse every corner of the web from the palm of your hand, so it stands to reason that the majority of web use would involve using various browsers and search engines to find the information you need in a pinch, right?

Oddly enough, that isn’t really the case. While we all use our phones to browse the web, statistics released last year indicate that the majority of web time that people spend on their phones is actually dedicated to using mobile apps. Whether this is a game that they are addicted to or a simple mobile app produced by a company that the user is a customer of, it is the mobile app that appears to offer the most convenience to the user.

As such, it is a wise decision to expand your mobile presence beyond simply having an accessible website and into the development of a mobile app that can offer a dedicated service to your customers. With an app you can improve brand loyalty and increase customer retention rates, ensuring that your business gets the returns that it deserves for all of your hard work.

The Figures

The numbers we crunched by a mobile apps analytics group names Flurry, who found that the amount of time people spent on the web as compared to mobile apps on their phones in the United States has actually decreased between 2013 and 2014. In fact, people were found to accessing a mobile app 86% of the time they connected to the net on their phone in 2014, which is an enormous number of people.

These figures were discovered by the company by collecting data from the 1.6 billion phones that have one of the mobile apps installed, highlighting that people spend approximately 22 mins per day browsing the web on their phones. By contrast, they often spend more than two hours per day on mobile apps.

That figure alone should demonstrate just why it is so important to have a mobile app that can appeal to as large a consumer base as possible, but then the question becomes what sort of mobile app can you use to hit as large a market as possible.

The Mobile Apps

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of app time is spent on the likes of various popular videogames and social media websites, many of which are already established and may not be a viable option for most business. However, this does not mean that they are completely worthless, as many games and social media websites offer businesses the opportunity to advertise on them, meaning that even if you can’t create a mobile app for yourself, you can still bring eyes to your business by advertising on one that is already popular.

Happily, the figures also indicate that plenty of time is spent on apps outside of this spectrum. The key is creating something that engages the consumer and makes them think about your business at the same time, whether that’s a small game that advertises your services or a dedicated app that makes using them even simpler.

Source – http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/01/mobile-app-usage-increases-in-2014-as-mobile-web-surfing-declines/

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