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Mobile App Development Mistakes: The Five That You Need to Avoid

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A mobile app represents an opportunity for your business. It’s a way to boost engagement and further your business objectives.

However, building an app is a complex project that requires a lot of planning and forethought. Unfortunately, many businesses make mistakes that cause their apps to fail, which mean they spend thousands and go nowhere.

We want to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. Here are five mistakes that you need to avoid when developing a mobile app.

Mistake #1 – Including Too Much

Many businesses feel like their mobile apps need to contain everything that their websites contain.

That’s simply not the case. A good app offers the most essential tools that the user needs without clogging the app up with stuff they’ll never use. Including too much makes the app more difficult to navigate and ends up overwhelming the user.

Remember that you can always include links for further information. Plus, an agile development methodology allows you to add updates as time goes on.

Mistake #2 – Poor Planning

What do you hope to achieve with your app?

If you can’t give a clear answer to that question then you need to pause development and go back to the drawing board.

Poor planning leads to the ruin of many a promising app. You need to know who your audience is and what it wants. Moreover, you need to understand how you’re going to deliver it to them.

Otherwise, you end up with a directionless app.

Mistake #3 – Poor Testing

This is a common one for two reasons.

The first is that many businesses feel the excitement building as their app progresses. They’re so keen on getting it out of the door that they start to cut a few corners along the way. Testing is one of the first things to go. After all, it’s done during the development process, right?

The second is that testing adds a few weeks to the development process. Businesses that are under time constraints often skip it just to hit deadlines.

Whatever the case may be, deciding not to test is always a mistake. You need to check the app across every platform it’s available on. Testing needs to be structured so that it checks every single aspect of the app.

Mistake #4 – Ignoring the Feedback

Your early adopters are the greatest source of feedback that you’ll receive. They walk into the app with no prior expectations, which means the feedback they provide is based solely on their experiences. Later users offer valuable feedback too. But their opinions may be clouded by reviews and because they know where to go to see any faults.

Pay attention to your feedback. Listen to what users have to say and develop fixes for any issues that cause concern.

Mistake #5 – Choosing the Wrong Developers

Going cheap is not always the way to save money. Often, app developers at the budget end of the scale will make mistakes that cost a lot of money to fix later on.

It’s best to go with a developer who has experience and will work with you for the entire process. Imobisoft can help. Get in touch with our team to find out how.

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