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Microsoft Purchases Mobile App Analytics Company

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It appears that Microsoft are continuing their efforts to build their mobile base even further following the purchase of HockeyApp, which is a provider of mobile app crash analytics for software developers. It is believed the purchase may be motivated by a desire to secure superior mobile applications for the Windows platform, which is an area where the company are seriously lagging behind the comparative Android and iOS platforms.

HockeyApp is based in Stuttgart, Germany and it is believed that the company will continue to offer their valuable analytics services to developers across all platforms. However, with the purchase Microsoft now has the opportunity to incorporate these services directly into their own development platforms, allowing for a more streamlined platform that may encourage more mobile app developers to work with them.

It is believed that HockeyApp’s services will be specifically incorporated into the upcoming Applications Insights tool that aims to provide overall performance data for apps developed on the Microsoft platform, allowing developers to further alter their apps as required.

Insights is currently available in preview format for current developers and it is believed that, when it is eventually launched, it will be heavily integrated into Visual Studio, which is the platform most app developers use when developing for Microsoft devices. While it likely won’t be a standard feature, developers will apparently be able to simply check a box that asks for the Applications Insights tool to be integrated into their version of Visual Studio. At this time it is unknown if an additional fee will be charged for this, however the purchase of organisations such as HockeyApp will only further increase developer confidence in the performance of the analytic tool.

Microsoft are also aiming to use HockeyApp’s previous experience working with developers in iOS and Android to introduce a version of Application Insights that will also be suitable for their use, eventually leading to the analytic service being made available across all platforms.

There have been no specific details regarding the purchase released at this time, so it is unknown just how much Microsoft paid to bring such an experienced analytics company on board. However the move does demonstrate that the company is becoming extremely serious in the mobile market. Furthermore, the additional announcements regarding making the Applications Insights tool available cross-platform shows a remarkable willingness to work with competitor products, which in turn perhaps demonstrates that the company is looking for addition revenue streams as it continues to build upon its existing mobile base.

As is quite commonly known, Window’s based phones are lagging behind the likes of Android and iOS by a significant degree, not least because both of those operating systems entered the market far earlier than Microsoft. This means that the company will be continually playing catch-up in an effort to boost their market share and purchases such as these demonstrate a willingness to spend to reach those goals.

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