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Is Virtual Reality Right For You?

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If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably noticed that virtual reality (VR) seems to be the next big thing. The introduction of affordable hardware, coupled with technology finally matching the concept, has led to VR taking a more prominent position in today’s world.

But how can that benefit you?

VR represents an opportunity for many organisations. Here are five industries that may be able to take advantage of the emergence of VR.


Imagine that you’re creating a pitch for a new client. You have all of your drawings and 3D models, and you’re trying to work out how you’re going to explain them all.

It’s all about helping the client to visualise the building.

That’s where VR can help. Instead of using boring drawings, you can create a virtual tour of the building you’ve designed. You can use VR to excite clients and to help them understand how your concepts fit together.

This helps both in selling your concepts and with inspiring client confidence.


Imagine going into a travel agent’s office and seeing a VR headset on the desk. Instead of flipping through a brochure to look at holidays, the headset takes you on a tour of possible destinations.

It sounds like a much more inspiring experience, right?

We’re already seeing the travel industry use VR as a sales tool. Thomas Cook found that VR helicopter tours of Manhattan led to a 190% increase in bookings.


Healthcare benefits from VR in several ways. The first comes in medical facility design. You can use VR to run simulations of patient footfall and hospital design to check that everything is organised as efficiently as possible. This, in turn, means the real-life building serves the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

However, VR also has a place in medical training. Trainee doctors may be able to use VR to simulate real-life medical emergencies, which helps them understand how they should respond to various situations. They’ll be able to explore various procedures in more depth and take part in deeper tutorial sessions.


The manufacturing industry runs off physical prototypes whenever there’s a new idea. The concept goes from design to build just to show that it’s a workable idea.

VR could take away the need to spend money on physical prototypes. Instead, you could design the object and create a VR representation of it. You can still interact with this VR object and figure out how everything fits together.

Always innovators in manufacturing, Ford is now using VR to help them to design cars. They can run simulations that help them figure out how various things work in real-life, leading to safer designs and less time required to bring concepts to manufacture.


Much like with architecture, VR offers estate agents the chance to create virtual tours of the properties in their catalogues.

This is an excellent selling tool. Instead of relying on photos to convey the qualities of a property, a VR presentation could actually allow the potential buyer to tour the property. Photorealistic renders, which modern design software is capable of, will only enhance the effect.

Those are five industries that may benefit from virtual reality technology. Contact the team at Imobisoft to discover how you could use modern technology to the benefit of your business.

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