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Interesting Examples of Disruptive Technologies

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At Imobisoft, we make use of several technologies that, at one point or another, were considered disruptive technologies. A disruptive technology is practically any innovation that changes the way we do things. It sets businesses off in a new direction, forcing them to either adapt to the growing, and eventually all-encompassing, popularity of the technology, or to fall behind those that do.

There have been dozens of disruptive technologies throughout history. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the most interesting examples.

The Internet

Perhaps the most important disruptive technology of all, the internet has changed everything about how we live our lives. Its effects on business are remarkable. Today, practically every business, small or large, uses the internet in some fashion to promote itself or sell its products. In fact, the internet is key in practically all marketing campaigns, and is such an important part of consumers’ lives that businesses can’t afford not to use it.

Of course, the internet had also changed how we live our personal lives. Just think about your smartphone, or your movie streaming service. Even something as simple as email comes down to the internet. There are so many things that we wouldn’t be able to do in the modern world without it.


If you need to know how much of a disruptive technology Netflix was, just ask Blockbuster. The multinational video rental chain went out of business in short order once Netflix introduced the concept of streaming movies and television shows over the internet. Blockbuster, and by extension every other video store, failed to adapt. Today, it’s almost impossible to find a store that rents videos.

Netflix spawned a slew of imitators, some of which are more prominent than others. Sky Now and Amazon Prime now compete directly with it. Furthermore, the streaming concept has made its way to other media, with music streaming now the norm and, in recent times, videogame streaming possibly breaking through.

The Cloud

Think back to ten to fifteen years ago and the cloud wasn’t even a thing. Instead, you had to purchase software in physical packaging, and install it directly on your computer.

The cloud has changed all of that. In addition to increasing storage space for average users, the cloud allows for the delivery of software over the internet. It makes delivering updates easier and faster, which is why so many companies now use it.

LCD Televisions

Initially vilified due to their perceived lower quality in comparison to cathode tube ray televisions, the LCD TV offered a lighter weight and lower power consumption. Those set it apart from the cathode ray tube TV. As the technology caught up with the idea, the LCD TV paved the way for the introduction of high definition, and eventually the 4K TV that we see today.

As for the cathode tube ray television, you won’t see any major high street electrical retailer selling them anymore. LCD and Plasma televisions combined to make them obsolete, changing the way we watch TV in the process.


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