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Increasing Specialist Mobile App Adoption Rates

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At Imobisoft we help companies create specialist mobile apps that appeal specifically to their client bases and, when used correctly, can also encourage more clients to come on board.

It is the latter issue that many struggle with, as convincing your customers to adopt a new specialist app often takes more than just letting them know that it is there.

You need to market the app in much the same way that you would any other new product, which sometimes means you need to invest a little time and money into it outside of development.

Of course, this raises the question of what you should do to increase adoption rates.

Focus On The Benefits

Your specialist app has been created to fill some sort of client need. This could be anything from offering something that makes their lives easier, to providing a more efficient way to do a common task. Consider the Virtual Clinic app that has been created by Imobisoft. The purpose of the app, at its core, is to ensure a freer flow of information between physician and patient.

However, it fulfils many other needs besides, such as offering an easy way for patients to track medication and other important information and offering physicians the ability to quickly react to changes in patient behaviour. All of these are core benefits that app offers over existing techniques that are made front and centre in advertising material. The point is that the people who you want to adopt the app should know why it is going to benefit their lives.

Build It Into Your Branding

Client loyalty is also crucial to most companies with specialist apps, which means you need to use the app itself to make people feel more included in the brand. Creating that community environment encourages people to keep coming back, and can also lead to the spread of good word of mouth.

Consider an online shopping app.Plastering the app with your logo and other company branding is all well and good, but what are you doing to make your clients feel like they are part of something important? Many companies opt for loyalty schemes that reward their clients for repeat purchases with discounts and other offers. This sort of thing can also be built straight into a specialist app, making it a one-stop shop for all of the client’s needs.

Know Your Competition

Rare is the occasion when your specialist app won’t face competition from somebody else. You need to make sure that your app stays ahead of that particular curve by offering everything that your competitors offer, while also figuring out ways to set your app apart and make it the “must-have” for your target audience.

Extensive and continuous research needs to be undertaken to ensure your app can reach this point. Download your competitors’ apps and figure out what they are doing to attract people to them. Use this information to inform the key decisions you make with your own specialist app and make sure you talk about what your app offers that others may not.

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