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Imobisoft: Working With Coventry University

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Those of you who have followed the Imobisoft story over the years will be aware that the company began its days in Tyseley, in the south of Birmingham, before moving onto its current location in Coventry. However, the story of the company has always been tied closely to Coventry University, which is where its founding members first met and came up with the idea of creating the best software development company in the Midlands.

Today, from its offices in the Coventry Innovation Village, the company continues to help businesses all over the country achieve their aims when it comes to mobile app and software development. Furthermore, Imobisoft has come full circle and now works with Coventry University in a number of ways, with innovation at quality at the forefront of everything that we do.


Upon establishing its reputation, Imobisoft quickly became involved in the research that is currently being undertaken by a number of professionals at Coventry University. The company has been consulted on a number of occasions in regards to providing innovative and effective means for collecting data, collaborating with a number of companies and professionals who are involved in projects that are intended to improve learning experiences for those at the university.

Of all of this work, Imobisoft has been most excited to be involved in a project known as the Disruptive Media Lab. This is a cross-university research project that aims to drive innovation forward in terms of teaching, learning and the methods used to deliver information to students. Coventry University are taking part in this enormous research project with the aim of altering delivery methods and modernising them so that they are more appealing for the modern student.

The project also aims to provide fertile ground for stakeholders to come up with new ideas that may never have been thought of in a more traditional academic setting.

Naturally, such projects involve the research and use of a variety of technologies, which has allowed Imobisoft to collaborate in the development of software and mobile apps that can aid stakeholders in achieving their goals as part of the project. The company is very proud to be a part of such revolutionary research and is always looking forward to ways that they can continue to contribute.

Mobile Apps

Before moving to Coventry, Imobisoft has already begun developing a reputation as a leading player in the fledgling mobile app development community. The company understood early on that such software was going to become instrumental as the smartphone market began to take off and they have been at the forefront of the development community in the West Midlands ever since.

Upon relocating to the Innovation Village, the skills of our team were quickly put to use by a number of the companies that we share this wonderful space with. Many had received poor service from other mobile app development companies who had promised delivery of a range of apps, without having the skills to actually complete the job. As such, when Imobisoft moved to their new office, the company quickly began forming relationships with others who had mobile apps in various stages of completion and needed somebody to help them finish the job.

This allowed Imobisoft to quickly establish its reputation as a mobile app developer in Coventry, as the company quickly set about helping others at the Innovation Village to complete their projects. In doing so, they demonstrated a versatility in skills and the creative mindset required to get around issues that had led to such projects grinding to a halt.

Following this initial period, Imobisoft has become the go-to company at the Coventry Innovation Village whenever anybody needs to have a mobile app developed. This time also allowed the company to establish a reputation that has enabled it to branch out into working with the NHS, Northern Gas Networks and a range of other businesses that do not fall under the Coventry University banner.

Software Development

While it is certainly true that mobile app development falls under the banner of software development, it is also important to point out that Imobisoft has been creating software of all types ever since its inception.

From web-based platforms through to CRMs and content management systems, the company is well-versed in a wide variety of technologies and understands what needs to be done to bring an idea from the drawing board and into fruition. Naturally, in a tech-heavy environment like the Coventry Innovation Village, such skills are extremely helpful to a number of different organisations.

Today the company is able to use this expertise, which it has been building for almost a decade, to help others to look for solutions to problems that previously seemed unsolvable. By taking an innovative, yet structured approach to software development, Imobisoft is able to help clients to understand the technology behind the software they want to create and what needs to be done to achieve their ideas. Furthermore, the company takes great pride in being able to deliver such solutions quickly, always meeting deadlines and ensuring that the eventual product is as cost-effective as possible.

Website Development

Imobisoft has worked in web development since the company’s inception and has adapted both its design and development procedures in order to keep pace with the ever-changing web landscape. The company endeavours to stay at the cutting edge of web development, constantly research new technologies and working on ways to deliver their client’s messages as effectively as possible to web users.

Over the years the company has evolved from creating basic websites, through to increasing levels of work with Web 2.0 technologies, the introduction of content management systems and working with mobile platforms. All of these experiences enable the company to provide expert web development solutions for companies that fall under the Coventry University banner, in addition to businesses both large and small throughout the UK.


Imobisoft has always dedicated itself to innovating, adjusting with the times and always looking for different ways to make use of emerging technologies for the benefit of those the company works with. To find out how we can help you to develop a full solution for any software, mobile or web issues that you have, please give us a call on 024 7615 8240 or contact us via the website. We will be more than happy to don our thinking caps and work out exactly how we can help you.

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