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Ideas for Crowdfunding Your Mobile App – Part Two

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We hope you enjoyed part one of our article about using crowdfunding for your mobile app. We covered important aspects of your marketing strategy, as well as choosing the right site for you.

This week, we’re going to dig a little deeper into your campaign itself with some tips about what you should be doing when the campaign is up and running.

Tip #4 – Be Transparent at All Times

As soon as somebody commits their money to your project, you have an obligation to provide that person with as much information as possible about where the project stands and what you plan to do with that money.

Move beyond your pitch and tell your investors where the money will go. Answer questions whenever you can and provide regular updates. The key is engaging with your community in a way that ensures they trust you. This trust will then expand to the point where they’re talking about you with others.

Tip #5 – Using Stretch Goals

Most mobile apps are fairly simple projects, so you shouldn’t need to break it up into smaller parts. However, for more complex apps, or things like games that will require constant updating and new features, you should consider using stretch goals.

Think of it in terms of your minimum viable product. Your main goal should fund the minimum amount of the app that you need to release to satisfy your backers. Any stretch goals should cover extra features that are desirable, but not essential to the operation of the app.

Of course, you will still be able to add these extra features in later on when your app starts generating revenue. However, you may find your investors are willing to fund much more than the basic app if the features are attractive enough to them.

Tip #6 –Treat Your Page like a Website

A great website doesn’t mean much if you can’t get people to visit it. The same goes for your crowdfunding page. You need to get the word out there in any way you can to get people to start visiting your page.

Your social media accounts are an obvious starting point, so get your link posted and provide regular updates. It’s worth setting up separate accounts for the project, rather than trying to do it all using a personal account.

You could even create a small website to support the crowdfunding page. Emails, SEO, it all helps you to get eyes on your product.

The Final Word

The six tips we’ve covered across these two articles will help you to get your crowdfunding campaign up and running, in addition to teaching you how to manage the campaign once it has started.

Get it right and you will hopefully gather enough funds to start development work on your mobile app. Remember the following:

  • Use your page to tell you story. Investors want to hear about you, as well as your ideas.
  • Social media is your friend so use it heavily throughout the campaign.
  • Make your contributors and investors feel valuable by giving them credit and suitable rewards.

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