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The Challenge
In today’s fast paced business world, efficiency is always key. Sales professionals in particular will be dealing with multiple clients at any one time, making keeping track of them all a difficult prospect. Thus the challenge was presented to Imobisoft. Develop efficient and easy to use software that sales professionals could use to better manage both their time and their clients. The following problems were posed;

  • Creation of a multi-tiered administration system that allows for different levels of access to the data stored.
  • The ability for the highest admin level to create users at varying admin levels to become part of the sales system.
  • The ability for a sale professional to easily log clients and relevant data through a personal profile area, which they can then access and edit at their leisure.
  • A user friendly and flexible front end that makes use of the system simple.

The Solution
Imobisoft approached this problem recognising the complexity involved in the multiple-tiered admin structure intended for the software. These varying levels of access and the criteria to attain each were developed first and became the basic framework for the entire system. This involved the creation of separate profile areas depending on the level of access allowed for the user, requiring multiple data retrievals and allowances depending on the user.
Imobisoft created a fully functional log in system that provided access to the relevant functions and admin levels dependent on the log in details entered by the user. With this initial framework in place, the company then focused on developing the data entry and retrieval aspects of the software.
User friendliness coupled with ease of use was required to make the software as efficient as possible and ensure that the users would not be bogged down in unnecessary technical jargon. Imobisoft created simple and effective forms in which sales professionals could enter all of the relevant details of their clients without asking for additional information that was not required and would make the process more cumbersome. The sales professional would then be able to access and alter any records that they input into the system, allowing them to constantly keep track of all the clients they may have at any particular time. In this manner, sales professionals would always have access to a centralised hub of information that provides them with everything they need to handle their clients. They can also archive old records once their dealings with the customer have been completed.
iBookings is the most complete and efficient booking system on the market, allowing for streamlining of multiple tasks into one easy-to-use system that provides sales professionals with everything that they need to carry out their jobs, while also increasing their efficiency. This software further cements Imobisoft as the premier software development company in Birmingham.

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