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The Client
Humza Foods is one of the largest manufacturers of halal frozen foods in Europe. Their business is based in Birmingham but serves all destinations throughout the UK and many parts of Europe. They provide a wide range of halal foods for bulk purchase by supermarkets and distributors and have built a name for themselves as one of the leading halal frozen food manufacturers.
The Challenge
While Humza Food was already well established in the halal foods sector, they didn’t have an effective web presence when they approached Imobisoft with a two-fold task. They wished to have a top quality eCommerce website created that would allow customers to place bulk orders with the company quickly and efficiently, while also providing a great place to advertise their services and the company in general.
Secondly they wanted SEO in Birmingham work completed on the website to ensure that they would be noticed ahead of their competitors in the halal frozen foods market.
The Solution
To solve the problems presented, Imobisoft made Humza Foods one of the first websites to use the iCommerce system that the company had created. This provided the ideal solution as it allowed Humza Foods to add, edit and delete products from their range, as well as providing a place for potential customers to quickly and easily place orders.
The use of the iCommerce platform also allowed for a smooth transition into the second stage of the challenge presented; the SEO work for the website. Humza Foods required a large amount of SEO work to ensure a high ranking in the Google search engine. The quality of the iCommerce software ensured that this challenge was also met as a combination of quality meta-data, keyword optimisation, blogging and link building led to Humza Foods being ranked on page 1 of Google for the following keywords;

  • Halal Frozen Food
  • Halal Frozen Foods
  • Halal Frozen Samosas
  • Halal Frozen Products
  • Halal Frozen Chicken Bites

Currently Humza Foods are now one of the most universally recognised Halal frozen food manufacturers in the country and their web presence now complements their business standing.

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