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How Mobile Apps Revolutionised the Healthcare Sector

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Advancements in technology are something that the medical sector has always embraced. After all, without them we would not have access to the level of care that is currently available to us. With each advancement improvements are made, whether that be to the quality of medication available, the efficiency of service offered or the tools available to a medical professional as a whole.

The increasing popularity of smartphones have given rise to the mobile application, which is being taken advantage of by industries all across the world in various ways. The medical sector is no different in this regard and there are many ways in which mobile apps have revolutionised the healthcare sector and made delivery of essential treatment faster, easier and more effective than it has even been before.

Data Recording and Analysis

A good mobile app can be used to record information that is pertinent to a patient’s medical condition in ways that have been unavailable using previous tools.

On the patient’s side, a mobile app offers the opportunity to more accurately track their condition and access relevant materials relating to it. The software can be used to set reminders for when treatments need to be taken or data needs to be recorded, making the application of treatment and tracking of its effects much more effective.

This has added benefits for medical professionals as well. In many cases, a mobile application can have a direct link to a facilities own databases and servers, which means that any data recorded by the patient reaches the people who need to know it as quickly as possible. Instead of relying on visits and other means to get patient information, a doctor can now look at the data presented via the app and analyse it using in-house medical software to determine the next course of treatment for a patient. This makes treatment as a whole much more efficient, while also providing the medical professional with a more accurate and up-to-date idea of the patient’s current condition.

Improved Access

More traditional medical care meant that a patient and their doctor needed to be in the same location at all time so that regular meetings could be held to determine the progress of the patient. While this is vital in many respects, it also results in many wasted meetings in which the patient’s progress is such that no change is needed to the medication that they are on or their treatment plan as a whole. This is an inefficiency that has plagued the medical system, forcing patients to make time in their schedules to fit in appointments and also taking doctors away from providing more urgent care where it is needed.

With mobile apps, both sides are provided with improved access to the other. This means that those suffering from chronic and long-term ailments are now able to visit with their physicians virtually by using the app, which means that they won’t need to leave the comfort of their own home unless there is an actual reason for them to see the doctor. This not only improves the comfort levels of the patient, but also allows the doctor to focus their energies on more vital issues. This is particularly vital for elderly patients for whom long trips back and forth may cause additional issues and allows or the patient and medical professional to decide between them when a visit is required and when the patient can simply stay at home and continue on the same course.

Cost Cutting

It is no secret that we are still living in an era of austerity, where politicians are calling for a “tightening of the belt” in relation to practically all public services. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, this course of action naturally means that medical institutions are tasked with saving money wherever they can. In many cases, this can impact on the level of care provided by an institution, particularly if its medical practices are somewhat inefficient.

However, with mobile apps efficiency is one of the key advantages. The easier transferral of information and the ability for doctors and patients to have a direct link using technology allows for more time and money to be saved when providing care. This makes a mobile app one of the best cost-cutting measures that can be taken, where appropriate. The initial investment in the app reaps a number of rewards in the long-term, allowing doctors to provide the same or even an improved level of service to their patients while also saving money as well. This means that less consideration needs to be placed into cutting vital services and allows for the medical institution’s budget to stretch even further.

Better Patient Safety

We have already spoken about how a mobile app can improve the tracking of long-term conditions and ailments. One added benefit of this is that it allows for better patient safety in the long run. This is due to the fact that the patient can immediately notice alterations in their symptoms, which can be communicated to a doctor in real-time, rather than the patient having to wait until their next scheduled visit to remedy the issue.

Furthermore, mobile apps can also be used to store relevant information about the condition itself, providing a resource to the patient to ease their fears about various aspects of their ailment. This information can be as simple as describing the condition that the patient has through to advice on how to deal with various aspects of the condition itself. Patients generally feel more comfortable when they have more information at their disposal, which is something that a mobile app can offer at their fingertips.

There are many other advantages that mobile app technology has brought to the healthcare sector in a very short period of time. If you work within the sector and are curious as to how the technology could help improve delivery of care to patients, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 024 7615 8240 or contact us via the website and we will use our expertise within the field to help you find a solution to your issue.

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