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Google Confirms That Majority of Searches Are Carried Out On Mobiles

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It’s something that has been anticipated for a number of years now, especially as smartphones and tablet computers have increased in both popularity and in terms of their technical abilities. However, it had never been fully confirmed – until now.

Google has released a statement declaring that mobile devices are now the predominant means of search, edging out desktop computers. As their statement said: “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”

While there is no word on what other nations are included in that list of ten, it would logically have to include any country that has a large volume of penetration for mobile devices, so it would not be too much of a stretch to imagine that the UK is somewhere on that list.

No Tablets

While the company has released the exact statistics that show how the volumes break down in terms of sheer numbers or percentages, there is one important thing that search marketers need to remember – Google actually classes tablet computers as desktops.

Despite the fact that they are mobile devices, tablets are not lumped in to the same category as mobile phones. As such, the rise of mobile is literally the rise of mobile phones. Simply put, the lion’s share of search is now carried out on smartphones, which in turn makes it more important than ever to ensure that your website is catering to those customers.

The Rise of Smartphones

Ever since the release of the very first iPhone, it has been predicted that the smartphone would take over the world. Practically every company in the mobile phone business now offers a range of different phones for users across the world, with a number of companies also battling it out to ensure that their software and mobile apps are used by as many people as possible.

As smartphones began to rise in popularity, so did the idea that search engines and, by extension, the websites that can be found on them, needed to adjust to the times and become mobile friendly as well. The likes of Siri and Google’s recently announced mobile search algorithm are going a long way towards that, but there are still many website owners who have failed to keep up with the rapid explosion in popularity of the smartphone.

Why You Need to go Mobile Friendly

You may have noticed the mention of Google’s new mobile search algorithm. We spoke about it in a little more depth a little while ago, but it also bears repeating here. Simply put, the algorithm not only looks at the content on a website but how it is presented to the mobile user. If a website is not mobile friendly, the odds are that it isn’t going to be top of mobile search results any time soon.

To put it another way, webmasters simply must start considering how they present their content to users. You may have the best content in the world, but the mobile algorithm could discard your website due to poor technology. With so many people now searching using mobile phones, is that a risk anybody can afford to take?

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