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Four Things We Want to See From Apple’s App Store

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As revolutionary as Apple has been in the smartphone industry, particularly in reference to the adoption and expansion of mobile apps, their app store is by no means perfect. In fact, there are a number of things that we would like to see implemented that we believe would make it easier for people to find the apps they want and for mobile app owners to make money from their investments.

Here we take a look at four things that we would like to see from the Apple app store in the future.

Subscription Service

If you look at the likes of Netflix and the WWE Network, you will find that many content distributors are making use of the subscription model to ensure that as many people as possible use their services. The same goes for gaming too, with both Microsoft and Sony offering similar services for their online portals.

As such, we think that Apple would do really well to offer a subscription streaming service where users can pay a monthly fee to essentially stream apps onto their mobile phones. It would open up a range of possibilities, including allowing people to experience mobile apps that they would otherwise hesitate to buy.

Hiding Apps

Isn’t it annoying when you have already downloaded a mobile app, but every time you check a ranking list you always end up seeing it again. It makes it difficult to discover new apps when you just keep getting confronted with the ones you have already downloaded.

The Apple app store should offer a way to filter out any previously downloaded apps from your search results, so that you can just browse through the ones that you haven’t already tried.

Trial Periods For Paid Apps

We all know that downloading an app can often be a little bit of a craps shoot. Despite trying to take all of the reviews and feedback from customers into account, you can never be absolutely certain that the mobile app offers everything that you want from it until you have downloaded it. In cases where you’re paying money for the app, that can sometimes mean wasting cash on something that isn’t fit for purpose.

As such, Apple should offer mobile app developers the ability to offer a free trial period for paid apps, so that potential customers get the chance to see the app in action before they buy. While this may lead to a reduced amount of purchases for some apps, a good mobile app developer will see it as an opportunity to enhance their reputation.

A Good Refund Policy

There is really very little chance of getting a refund when you purchase a mobile app from the Apple store, so we would love to see a good refund policy put in place, whereby customers can ask for their money back for apps that they aren’t satisfied with.

Give us a period of 5 or 10 days to try the app out and if we don’t like it we can ask for a refund. After that initial period is over then so is the chance for a refund. It might be a little difficult to arrange, but it would be a massive boon for Apple phone users.

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