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Four Essential Tips for Mobile App Marketing

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You can have the greatest mobile app in the world but if nobody hears about it, you will never experience the success you deserve. On Google Play alone there are 2.2 million mobile apps, all vying for the attention of potential customers.

With that in mind, you need to make sure that your mobile application stands out. To do that you must embrace the concept of mobile app marketing. Not sure what that is? Your app will get noticed if the following tips will be taking into consideration.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is perhaps the most crucial marketing tool of the modern age, yet a surprising amount of mobile app developers fail to use it to its full potential. Using Facebook, for example, you can create ads and sponsored posts for your mobile app that are targeted to specific segments of the population. Better yet, you can target such efforts towards smartphone users, providing them with a means to access your app at the moment they discover it.  Similarly, you can build exposure and create a brand around the app itself with promoted tweets that use relevant keywords.

Encourage Sharing

You should build marketing techniques into the app itself, rather than doing that as an afterthought once it’s developed. What does your app do to encourage others to talk about it? If you can’t answer that question you may be missing the boat when it comes to your marketing strategy. The concept of “going viral” may be a little passé, but it is relevant to mobile applications. Offer your users the chance to easily share it on social media accounts. This could be something as simple as sharing an achievement on the app like reaching a milestone or completing a certain level of a game. Each share is more exposure and, best of all, this exposure is free once the mechanism for sharing is built into the app.

Encourage Reviews

The reviews are the first thing read by people when visiting App Store or Google Play. An app can be passed by if there are no reviews for it. If you don’t have many, invest in marketing so you could improve your rating. As such, you should try to encourage existing users to review the app. A common technique for this is to offer something of value in return for the feedback. For example, if your app operates on a subscription you could offer an extra month for a review. Alternatively, offer some extra credits or another resource that the app user considers valuable.

Get Writing

Websites like The Huffington Post and Mashable are wonderful for the mobile app marketer. As long as you provide something valuable in terms of content, you gain access to an inbuilt audience of millions of people, resulting in huge exposure for your app. Think about what you can contribute to such sites that readers will find useful and informative. Take your time crafting a post, with the help of such website’s editorial teams, and you will find another useful source of free exposure.

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