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Four Business Processes That You Should Automate Right Now

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We’ve spoken about business automation at length in previous articles and it’s a service that the Imobisoft team offers to companies of all sizes.

However, you may not full understand the potential of automation. In particular, many business owners don’t realise just how many processes they can automate as long as they have the right guidance.

That’s why we’ve decided to highlight four processes that you can automate to experience a range of time and cost benefits.

Process #1 – Sales Leads Processing

Your sales leads likely already go into a CRM of some description. But it’s your sales staff who have to determine where that lead is in your sales funnel. That means a lot of time messing around with the CRM and less time spent talking to customers.

Automation can help with this because it can identify where the lead is on your funnel. You can even use it to do things like automatically send emails to customers at certain stages or remind you to call hot leads at certain times.

Process #2 – Document Reviews

Many businesses produce a range of standard documents that they send out to clients. While this may primarily feature templated content, there are usually sections that you need to fill out with certain details. Putting the wrong information into a document or contract could sour a business relationship.

With automation, you can automatically check documents against the information that you have in your system. This lowers the risk of human error causing issues. Some forms of automation are so advanced that they can even generate and edit documents for you.

Process #3 – Customer Service

This is the process that most think about when they’re considering automation.

There are many aspects of your customer service that you can automate. The use of a chatbot on your website allows you to automate the answering of common questions. When combined with an AI, business automation also allows your systems to learn more about customer requirements. This leads to even more detailed answers.

However, automation can also be as simple as recording phone messages for people who call into the business. You can use an automated system to manage the call and direct it to the right person, where appropriate.

Process #4 – Task Assignment

You may have a large people that rely on you to assign tasks for them every day. Depending on the size of your team, this can take several hours. You need to make sure the right people are free at the right times and manually assign all of the work.

Automation takes care of that. Simply enter tasks into the system and allow it to take care of the assigning for you. Automated systems also offer greater transparency. Plus, they can send out reminders and track progress for different tasks.

The Final Word

Automation saves time and ensures your business runs more efficiently. You can use it to make sure you stay on top of lead progress and to keep your people working as productively as possible.

Now, you just need to get started. Get in touch with the Imobisoft team today to discover how business automation can help you.

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