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Five Signs That You Need to Update Your Legacy Software

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So you’re trundling along well enough with your business software. It does the job, but you can’t help but focus on the bugbears. Like how you have to enter data repeatedly to get it where it needs to be, or how the user-interface looks like something from the MS-DOS days. What you’re noticing are signs that your legacy software is in dire need of an update. The modern business environment thrives on innovation and efficiency. If you don’t modernise, you’ll be left in the dust.

So what are the red flags of impending software obsolescence? Here are five to keep in mind.

Constant Crashes

Picture the scene. You’ve spent the last half-hour entering data into your software, but suddenly your cursor has stopped moving. You wait for a few seconds, only to find your system has locked up. Closing your software is the only solution, but that may lead to the loss of your hard work.

All of that waiting around and dealing with crashes wastes valuable work time. Imagine if such a crash happens once a month to each individual in a 10-person company. That’s 60 hours of working time lost each year.

The Vendor has Gone AWOL

So, you call up your vendor to deal with the software’s issues. However, you find that they no longer support the software. They’ve moved on from the days of Windows XP, and it’s about time that you did as well.

Outdated legacy software has no support structure behind it, which means you have nobody to help you when things go wrong.

No Compatibility with Other Systems

You may have introduced some more modern software into other departments. For example, you may have canvassers who use tablet computers to record customer details.

Is this software compatible with the customer relationship management (CRM) software in the office? If not, the canvasser is going to have to re-enter the information into the system when they come back from their travels.

If your legacy software isn’t compatible with newer software packages, you’re creating more work for your company.

A Poor User Interface (UI)

Think about the modern software that you use in other aspects of your life. How much training did you need to get rolling?

We’re betting that it wasn’t a lot. Yet you put your employees through hours and hours of training just so they know how to properly grapple with your company’s outdated software.

UIs have come a long way in a short amount of time. You no longer need to waste days of work time on training.

It Doesn’t Solve Your Problems

This is the big one. If your software doesn’t solve your business’ problems, why do you have it in the first place?

As your business evolves, it runs into new obstacles. Legacy software is often not enough to get you over the hurdle. If you’re having to work around your software to get things done, rather than having it help you solve the problem, then it’s about time that you started looking at an update.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, Imobisoft can help. Find out more about our legacy software modernisation service.

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