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Five Post-Launch Tips for Your Mobile App

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So your mobile app developers have delivered the final product and you’re ready to send it out to the App Store and Google Play. You’re confident in the quality, but then the numbers start rolling in. Despite how good your app is, people aren’t latching onto it.

It happens all of the time. Usually, the lack of a good post-launch strategy is the culprit. Here, we’re going to look at five tips that will help you make the most of your mobile app after launch.

Tip #1 – Focusing on Users over Retention

Many people look no further than the downloads when checking the success of their mobile apps. After all, if lots of people download the app, it’s instantly a success.

That’s not necessarily the case. Retention is key to helping you form your post-launch strategy. The retention figures show you how many people keep the app and use it. For all you know, those downloads could end with everybody deleting the app in short order. If that’s happening, you need to change things.

Check the retention figures to see if people are actually engaging in the product.

Tip #2 – Providing No Updates

If you launch a mobile app with no buzz, it gets lost in the ether. There are millions of apps for your potential users to choose from, so you must give them a reason to choose yours.

Build stories around your mobile app before launch. However, don’t shirk your responsibilities after the launch either. People want to see that you’re supporting the app after they’ve downloaded it. Update them weekly, talking about any new features you’re working on or offering tips on how to use the app. This keeps users engaged and provides you with a means of drawing new users into the fold.

Tip #3 – Respond Directly to Feedback

Social media is one of your most powerful tools after launching a mobile app. You can use it to generate a following, which leads to people sharing content related to the app.

However, social media is also important for customer service. It’s where many of your users will go to talk about your app, often directly to you. Make sure you have a dedicated page for the app, and people who can respond to customer queries. Build a reputation for solving problems and you’ll strengthen your brand, thus strengthening the app.

Tip #4 – Use Your Update Space

The various app stores offer you some space to talk about your updates. However, many app owners just use this to mention that the latest update fixes some bugs.

Your update space doubles as a marketing tool. Tell people what you’ve fixed, but also encourage them to download the app. If you’re offering a free trial, or something similar, mention it in your update space.

Tip #5 – Don’t Overdo Push Notifications

Push notifications can help you to re-engage users with your apps… when used sparingly. We all have that one app on our phone that sends multiple notifications for each day that we don’t use it. You likely see that app as an annoyance and end up deleting it.

Think about how you react to constant push notifications. This informs you on how to handle the notifications that your own app sends. Simply put, only send push notifications when you have an actual message to deliver to the user.

As well as these tips, you need a post-launch team to help you with marketing and future development. Contact Imobisoft today to give your mobile app a boost.

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