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Five Mobile App Trends for 2018

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The mobile market evolves constantly. New devices, technologies, and ideas bring with them trends that mobile app developers latch onto in order to help their clients.

With 2017 fast nearing its end, we’ve decided to look forward a little bit at five of the trends that we think will dominate the mobile app and development marketing in 2018.

  1. IoT Apps Will Boom

The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing concept, and it’s one that many developers are taking note of. It’s taking off in the healthcare industry, and the most modern offices have already built “smart” functions into their operations to take advantage of the increased levels of connectivity.

On the consumer level, we’ve seen things like wearables become extremely popular during 2017. We believe that this trend will continue, with more devices being connectable to the internet, and more mobile apps to facilitate those devices.

  1. The Rise of AMP

Search engines have already taken notice of the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The basic gist is that this technology enables mobile websites and apps to load much quicker than before. This keeps users engaged, preventing them from bouncing away from the website or app.

However, many mobile app and site owners haven’t incorporated AMP into their mobile properties yet. They’re going to have to, especially as search engines start giving more priority to applications with AMP built in. We anticipate more people building AMP apps, or developing it into their existing apps, during 2018.

  1. More Augmented Reality

We’ve already seen augmented reality (AR) in action with mobile games like Pokémon Go, but other industries have been a touch slower to adopt the technology. The same goes for virtual reality (VR).

We believe that’s already changing, and 2018 is going to seem more uses of this technology for apps related to museums, architecture, engineering, and a host of other sectors. AR, in particular, offers companies the chance to show off their products to potential consumers in real-time.

  1. Moving to the Cloud

Even with the cloud having been around for so long, many mobile apps still rely on your phone’s internal memory to work. They clog up space, leaving users with less memory for pictures, videos, music, and other things that really matter to them.

We’re finally seeing more mobile app developers make use of the cloud with their mobile properties, and we believe that process will become much more popular in 2018. In fact, it’s likely that at least 70% of all mobile apps will be cloud-driven by the end of 2018.

  1. Built-In Security

With so much personal data on smartphones, it’s surprising to find that many app users still don’t take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from malicious content.

We believe that security will become an even greater concern for mobile app developers during the course of 2018. Developers will likely build even stronger protections into their apps, and we may even see the rise of something like a quality guarantee to prevent people from downloading potentially malicious or cloned apps.

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