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Enterprise Software Predictions for 2017

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Now that we are a short way into 2017 we have a slightly better idea of how the enterprise software landscape is going to shape up over the course of the coming year. Looking forward helps developers understand what clients are going to require from their software, so here we examine some of the predictions for enterprise software in 2017 that are floating around the web.

APIs Will Become More Popular

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are becoming increasingly heavily used in enterprise software development as they offer users the opportunity to experience many of the benefits offered by open source software, while also adding bespoke touches that benefit their organizations. It is a model the team at Imobisoft has been adopting increasingly for many of its projects and we agree with the thought that the use of APIs will become more widespread throughout 2017.

Faster Testing

The quality assurance and testing portions of software development have traditionally been some of the most time-consuming aspects of the process, but an increasing number of tools and methods of automation have resulted in many software companies being able to offer faster testing times than ever before. The prediction here is that market share will begin to favour those that adopt automation, over companies that stick to manual testing methods that offer longer project timeframes.

Mobile Will Become More Important

For the first time in history, use of mobile devices and tablet computers surpassed that of desktops, echoing the trend seen in search for the last few years. An increasing number of companies are seeing the benefits that enterprise software with a mobile component built in can provide, particularly those with salesforces that work out in the field. During the course of 2017, it is unlikely that this upward trend for mobile will be hindered, with many enterprise software packages being developed with mobile at the forefront, rather than desktop.

Bot Culture

Despite the poor reputation of online chat bots, which still carry a stigma in some circles thanks to poor early implementations of the technology, we are seeing an increasing number of businesses adopting them. Outside of search, where bots like Siri have been established for years, chat bots are likely to be incorporated more often into sales software, acting in a similar fashion to automated telephone services in terms of providing basic solutions to users and patching those with more complex problems to manual support. As machine and contextual learning technology continues to advance, such bots will be able to provide more comprehensive and detailed services.

Increased Adoption of Cloud Security

The demand for trained digital security specialists has been rocketing up as cloud computing has gained in popularity. With many businesses now using cloud computing for everything from backing up data through to acting as the main storage source for their software and data, keeping accounts secure is going to become so important that those who train themselves in cloud security will have a decided advantage over other IT professionals throughout 2017. Companies, for their part, will be looking for security specialists who are able to figure out what is a threat and what isn’t in the list of the many requests their cloud services receive each day.

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