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Enter the Smartphone Age with Imobisoft

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In the year 2014 the smartphone is king. Smartphone age, it’s almost impossible to avoid them, as everybody from teenagers through to pensioners are getting their hands on the latest devices and gaining unprecedented access to a world of information that was not available 10 years ago.

Hand in hand with the proliferation of the smartphone comes a massive increase in the use of mobile applications. If you are reading this article we would be willing to bet that you have used a mobile app yourself at some point in the last few years. Whether it’s Facebook, the latest game or even mobile banking, every company worth its salt is providing a mobile version of its services in an effort to make them even more convenient for their customers and increase their brand awareness.

It’s not just us saying it though. The numbers back us up. For example, between 2010 and 2012 sales of Android-based mobile devices increased by a multiple of 5 from 30 million right up to 150. That number is only increasing as well, alongside sales of Windows and Apple-based devices. In turn this creates a market of hundreds of millions of people who your business will not be reaching if you do not have a mobile application for them to download.

Companies throughout the world are realising this fact as well. In 2010 around about 200,000 mobile apps were available through the various stores offered by Android and Apple. With increased sales of those devices came an increased interest in mobile applications and, as of 2013, more than 900,000 mobile apps were available to users. This will have since surpassed the 1 million mark and continues to grow as more and more businesses enter the mobile age.

We are all aware of the success of mobile games such as Angry Birds, Temple Run and Fruit Ninja. Those games, which are free to download in many instances, are able to recoup money through in-app purchases and advertising, demonstrating just one of the numerous ways a mobile app can directly make money in addition to creating brand awareness.

One of the most startling examples of this trend is the recent Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. The game itself is free to download and yet, through in-app purchases and microtransactions, it is estimated that the game will earn an astonishing $200 million dollars in its first year whilst simultaneously pushing the Kim Kardashian brand.

It’s not just games that experience success. Some of the largest websites in the world have seen their mobile usage jump up immensely simple by providing a version of their website in a mobile friendly version through an app. Facebook, Netflix and many others all have mobile versions that make them much easier to use on mobile devices, increasing their userbase thanks to creating an improved experience.

The success of other recent apps, such as Kik, Whatsapp and Tinder, show that if there is a good idea behind it, any mobile application has the potential to explode in popularity thanks to a massive installed userbase that is always looking for the next big thing.

So how can Imobisoft help? We have an experienced team of mobile app developers that can offer everything from personal business apps right through to apps intended for the general public. Our developers are able to work on any ideas you may have in addition to providing insight into how you can make your app better thanks to our experience in the field working with a range of companies from SMEs right through to larger organisations, such as the NHS.

Simply get in touch on 0121 270 8463 and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Hopefully we can work together to bring your business into the mobile age!

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