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Common Mobile App Development Problems

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No mobile app development project is completely straightforward. Each comes with its own set of challenges that developers must overcome to provide a satisfactory app. Good developers will confront these problems at the beginning of the process to ensure they don’t cause major issues going forward.

Alongside these unique challenges are more common mobile app development problems. These later issues have the potential to affect all projects. Thankfully, there are solutions that can help developers avoid them.

Problem #1 – Delays

Any issues the project encounters will lead to delays. Each delay costs time and money for the client or places a heavier workload on the developer. That means avoiding delays entirely is preferred in mobile app development.

Strong planning plays the biggest role in averting delays. Of particular importance is capacity planning. This requires the mobile app development team to take an honest look at itself and work out if it can complete the amount of work required in the time frame they have set. Teams must understand their workloads and create deadlines based on them. Further, conversations with clients throughout the course of the project remain crucial. This ensures issues get noticed before they lead to delays.

Problem #2 –Failing to Consider the User Experience

This is a major issue. Mobile apps should provide users with a quick and easy way to access the information they need or complete whatever tasks the app should solve. Creating a poor user interface slows all of that down. At their worst, bad interfaces result in people switching off from the app entirely.

A mix of good competitor research, interactive prototyping, and consumer testing all play a role in the design of a good interface. Combine all of these tools and pay attention to what you learn. Find out why people use your competitors’ apps and create prototypes to stay on top of design issues. A round of consumer testing before release will also help you iron out any last-minute niggles.

Problem #3 – Poor Platform Choice

Most mobile app developers need to help their clients choose the right platform for their apps. Typically, this choice falls between Android and iOS. Choosing the wrong platform could lead to the app not appealing to the correct demographics. It also leads to delays as you need to redevelop everything once these issues come to light.

A lot of research needs to go into your platform choice. You need to understand the tools the platform places at your disposal. Further, you need to know where your target audience actually is. It’s all in the preparation.

Problem #4 – Not Getting The Purpose of Mobile

A lot of software developers look at mobile app development as a basic extension of their previous work. This is not the case. Attempting to convert a desktop software directly to mobile almost always leads to failure. This causes delays as you need to redesign everything to get it working properly on a mobile platform.

Developers should instead focus on what mobile platforms have to offer that desktops don’t. This typically means portability, touchscreen interfaces, and simplicity. Approach mobile app development as a completely separate thing to traditional software development if you hope to avoid delays.


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