GSK Pharmacy Portal


As Imobisoft has a strong heritage in delivering healthcare applications, we were was asked to develop an application to replace an existing web portal that serviced GSK’s client relationships.

The user experience of the existing portal was sub-optimal leading to low levels of engagement from clients. In addition, the portals connectivity with the existing databases was poorly setup leading to an inability to provide accurate sales information to the clients and the internal account management teams.

Working with the commissioning team we designed a new User Interface (UI) for the portal ensuring that the principal information that the  client users required was easily accessible.

We then collaborated closely with the GSK IS team to build bespoke API’s to their stringent requirements, so that we could directly link to the correct database.

The result, a new portal which the pharmacy clients are now highly engaged with and a system able to deliver accurate timely information.

We are already planning the next phase where we will bring in AI & Machine Learning tools to analyse the sales data.

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